How to make Krispy Kreme DonutsReady in: 2 hr 30 min

Today we are making one of the most iconic fast foods in the world today. Of course I’m talking about the famous Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.


  • Some milk
  • Some butter
  • Some salt
  • Small amount of sugar
  • Mixing eggs
  • Dried yeast
  • Add some water
  • Some egg


Just into a jug here I’ve got some milk and to the milk I’m going to be adding in some butter.Now what I want you to do is pop this in the microwave and we’re going to melt that butter and it’s going to warm the milk through.So our butter has melted with the milk and I’m just going to add in a couple more things before we let this to cool.

2First thing is just some salt just a little bit of salt and I’m also going to be adding in just a small amount of sugar.I’m just going to give that a mix around. And now we’re going to let this cool for about ten minutes because we don’t have put it in because we’re going to be mixing eggs and we don’t want those eggs to scramble. so just leave it to cool for ten minutes.

3So now that I’ve let our milk mixture to cool. just into a large bowl.I’m just going to pour it straight in to the milk.I’m going to be adding in some dried yeast and you can find the dried yeast in all of the supermarkets. so it’s not going to be hard to find.

4Next I’m going to be adding in some nutmeg.Now be adding in some more sugar.After the sugar I’m going to be adding in some eggs that I’ve just whisked up.Now I’m just going to give this a quick mix around just before I add in the flour.Now I’m going to add in our flour one cup at a time and I’m going to mix each portion through.

5So just first one in while you’re mixing it in we’re going to add in the next and just keep repeating this process with all the flour that you’ve gotten what you’ll find is it will form a sticky dough.So guys this is what we’re after you can to see it’s just slightly pulling just a little bit sticky to touch and that’s what we’re looking for. So now we’re going to leave this for about an hour and what is going to happen as that yeast will rise that dough and that’s what we’re looking for so I’m just going to cover it with a tea towel and leave it for an hour.

6So it’s been an hour you can see our dough has risen there and I’ve just dusted my bench top with some extra flour because we’re going to need that dough.Now like I said the dough will be quite sticky but we’re just coated in that flour and I’m just going to need it. just like that just fold back push fold back push and just do this for about five minutes.So after kneading it what I’m going to do now is I’m just going to cut it into four portions it’s going to make our dough much easier to roll out.

7Now again I’m just going to dust my rolling pin and we’re just going to roll out this dough. we don’t want it we don’t want it too thin we still want it about that thick now all we’ve got to do.Now is grab a cookie cutter and we’re just going to cut just into the dough like that and I’m going to use a smaller cookie cutter and I’m just going to make our hole in the middle so just keep repeating this process with all the dough that you have.

8So of course we’re going to be deep-frying our Donuts.Now just into a large pan I’ve got here. I’ve got some vegetable oil and we’ve brought it up to a nice high heat ready for frying all.I want you to do is just grab our donuts and just place them in very carefully.Don’t load it up you just want a few in there at a time.And they’re only going to need about two and a half to three minutes and we just want them nice and golden brown on the outside.once they go nice and golden brown just put them on some paper towel and let them to cool and drain off that excess excess oil so while I’ve donuts are cooling after with fry them off.

9We’re going to get started on our donuts glaze. Now first in into a bowl I’m going to be putting in some icing sugar or some powdered sugar. I’m going to add just a small amount of some salt. I’m going to also add in some water and I’m also going to be adding in some vanilla extract.Now we’re just going to give this a good mix around and that’s what you’re after just like that.That sort of consistency not very thick but not too thin either just enough to stick.Now once it cooled once they cool down what I’m going to do now is just pop them straight in just submerge them. just like that pull them out to shake off the excess and we’re just going to place them on a plate and we’re going to leave it there to set.So they have a guys there’s my version of some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. let’s get stuck into one of these bad boys shall we
let’s go.