How to Make Beet Kvass with Cortney Burns

We’re Going To Be Making Kvass Kvass With Cortney Burns.


  • 6 Cups Of Water
  • 1/4 Cup Of Dried Apples
  • 2 Beets
  • Rye Bread
  • Cider Vinegar



We’re going to start with 6 cups of water 1 cup of way. we culture all of our dairy in house so,we end up with a lot of whey left over this one is sour way or acid way. which we get from making our yogurt one apple 1/4 cup of dried apples, two beets. we have red beets and we have yellow beets the color doesn’t really matter it just changes the end product of what you’re working with and to honks off of our rye bread with that said let’s make.some cloths so,what we’re gonna do is. I’m gonna grab a couple ball jars it takes about 2 to 3 days different mint and the alcohol content in kvass will only be about 0.5 to 1 percent so, it’s very low if, you take it any further than will end up with a you know a hard cider and gently alcoholic beverage if that’s.


What you want here’s your gentle lesson in moonshine at home.we make ours with rye bread and beets traditionally it is just with rye bread but what you can do is if,you have old rye bread or your pieces of rye can just grab any scraps doesn’t matter if,they’re dry or if, they’re moist and you just pop them in for we’re just gonna rip a couple pieces off. We’ll do a couple different ones today, we’ll do both the red and the yellow kvass so, there’s active yeasts that are still alive in the bread and it helps to get everything going and we don’t add sugar to our kvass so, there’s lots of recipes if, you’re looking around the do say that you had sugar to kvass. we find that the barley malt that. We use in the bread is enough to get it to go to start to sour and in the apples and in the,we’re adding 1 cup of way. when we’re preventing things. we’re creating live active mediums and so sometimes.


When you open them they like to fissure out on. You they like to volcano just be aware be careful have fun it’s not gonna hurt. You it’s just gonna get all over the place and then.we’re going to split up our dried apples any dried fruit works.we just like it. We have some fresh apples as well. We drink of us because.we like the flavor of it but another reason that. We like kabobs is that they’re chock-full of bio available probiotics so,all of our bodies need probiotics the non-sexy part of the fermented food world is that it actually populates. Your gut with all sorts of really healthy things not only does it taste delicious it’s fun to make it’s also really good and then. We have our beets and all this the leftovers in theory can be cooked down to make soup nothing goes to waste and then.


We have some of these beautiful yellow beads as well.we leave the skins on just because they have so,much natural yeast on them as well that they don’t really need to come off they’ve been cleaned it kind of balance everything with a little bit of bitter as well. Which we like so, now that we have our rye bread in here our dried apples. we have fresh apples and our beets. We’re just going to pour water over this and let it sit for a couple days and do its thing you do the same thing over here. We’re creating a kvass kaleidoscope like that so next.we’ll just put a little bit of cheesecloth on here if, you have these rings at home if, you do happen to have ball jars or other jars like this. We just clamp it down this way we don’t have to go searching in your cupboards for any rubber bands might be lurking about or not this keeps flies out more than anything and anything else that may fall into it that’s gross just let them sit out at ambient room temperature about 76 72 to 76 degrees for 2 to 3 days after 2 days.


We’ll use these guys lock them up but we can let them sit out for another day it’ll make them a little more active and then. We strain it off and we drink it this is what it looks like this is our base so, this has been going now for about three days just went into the fridge yesterday this one has the apples the Rye and the beet so it’ll be like the red version this is the finished one so,another way that we use the kvass at the restaurant is to emulate what you see often in the Midwest is called a pickle back so,you’ll get a beer then. you get a shot of pickle juice and often times.


You’ll put that straight into the beer. you’ll drink your beer and you chug the pickle juice so, we offer this just as a beverage on the menu but.we also offer it with a pilsner. Some people pour it in some people drink on the side. We’re going to taste some of this kvass now see if,we’ve done a good job hey Nick. You want to come taste this kvass hey Kalin. She’s gonna drink the beer so, oftentimes people will drink this right on the side but today, we’re just going to put it right in there it’s like the lava lamps of your youth Cheers sound the hatchet that’s good keep going down the hatchet here.