Beef Wellington Recipe

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Ready in: 1 hr

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Individual Beef Wellington.


  • Some Pieces Of Filet Mignon
  • Some Cremini Mushrooms
  • Couple Tablespoons Of Either Sherry Or White Wine Or Chicken Stock
  • Minced Onion
  • A Clove Of Garlic
  • Some Egg
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Some Puff Pastry
  • Shatt Nut Shell Ahem
  • Mushroom


We get started let’s go over the ingredients you’re granese some pieces of filet mignon. You’re gonna need some cremini mushrooms that have been finely. Finely chopped a couple tablespoons of either sherry or white wine or chicken stock. If you don’t like alcohol you need some fresh chopped parsley. It’s finely minced onion, a clove of garlic, some egg wash which is just one egg beaten with a tablespoon of water, salt, pepper, olive oil, and you’re also going to need some puff pastry which is in the fridge because with puff pastry you want to wait to the last minute to bring it out. So now the first thing you want to do is get your oven to 425 and get that completely ready and hot for you because this is going to take about 15 minutes. Then it’s going to go into the oven so I have about a tablespoon of olive oil right in the skillet over medium-high heat, and it’s super important that you do this over high heat because we’re trying to get a good color now like I said traditional pate traditional beef wellington is actually a whole piece of beef tenderloin and then it’s wrapped in puff pastry with a fantastic mushroom duxelle.

which is like a mushroom saute and some liver pate. I don’t groove on liver pate but like I said if you’d like it put some in I do this individually. We are going to add in the finely minced onion, and the Shatt nut shell ahem, and the mushroom. I’m going to put them both in at the same time because they’re chopped up so. So fine now they’re going to be cooking together perfectly. I’m not gonna season them yet because I want to get those mushrooms like really dark in colo,r and if I put salt on them it draws out liquid if it draws out liquid get on color as well. So you let that cook for about three to four minutes over medium-high heat until the cut mushrooms develop a really beautiful golden brown color. My mushrooms look great too they’ve developed great color so now I’m going to just put in some garlic. You can finally Minster you can grate it in does not matter as long as it’s finely minced so but some of that in seasoned it now.

3You can season it with salt, pepper because it won’t dry out that much liquid, and we’re almost done cooking the mushrooms here. We go give this a stir let it cook for another 30 seconds or so or until the wrong garlic smell has gone away that looks phenomenal. So now I’m going to add on a little bit of sherry not a lot only about two tablespoons and some parsley. I’m cooking that for a minute until the alcohol is completely cooked out and the flavors concentrating that’s absolutely perfect taking this off the heat. Put it in this little bowl and let it cool for just a little while now put in the same scale it back on if there’s a lot of liquid just wipe it out mine’s fine leaving it like that. Now I’m going to put in a little drizzle of olive oil less than a tablespoon and I’m going to season up my beautiful pieces of fillet with some salt, and pepper. Then I’m going to do is I’m going to put the seasoned side down. So that I can season the second side look at those oh they’re just beautiful aren’t they look at the color of that perfect over high heat this time. We made the mushrooms over medium-high heat you want to do this over high heat. You’re only going to cook these these are about four ounces apiece. you’re only going to cook them for two minutes on each side because it continues to cook in the oven.

4You’re looking for like a medium-rare a medium-rare texture or cooking well anyway. You don’t want to cook these well-done that’s all. I’m saying because what’s the way the beautiful thing about them is a texture it’s buttery, and it’s delicious and if you cook them more than well more than like medium you go into well. There’ll be so completely overcooked it’s complete waste of time, and money so let these cook for two minutes on each side while my steaks are just finishing up the second the second side. I’m taking a sheet of puff pastry and you’ll find it in the freezer section but make sure you saw it in the fridge so you can use it the day. You want to make this you can’t use it frozen, and all I’m doing is just just rolling this out. It’s an inch more on each side so that’s a little bit bigger, and easier to work with that’s good and you’re going to cut this into quarters. So you’re going to cut this whole sheet of puff pastry into four equal pieces.

5Now if you feel like oh my steak is just a little too big just stretch it out a tiny bit that’s all leave those aside for now because I’m just going to need two pieces. I’m actually going to roll this out a tiny bit more with my rolling pin go you want the puff patient not to be too thick either because it’s gonna puff up and in the oven that’s for sure. So I’m going to work with one so you can kind of see what I’m doing. You’re gonna take some of your mushroom filling and you want to choose this in the center. You don’t want to go over the center like on the edges because you’re going to need to fold it over and take your feared steak set it right on top just like that, and now this is the point. If you want pate you put it right here but I don’t so I’m not going to put any take a little pastry brush and your egg wash and then just brush sides and then you just simply fold this over and I’m gonna do so. I’m gonna just throw a little egg wash right there little egg wash why their pinch the sides I wash on top and like I said you can just wiggle it around to fit don’t you worry if it’s not SuperDuper perfect you can always cut a piece from one and put it on the other.

6Now just roll it around put it on the baking sheet that’s been lined with parchment paper brush the top with some more egg wash just to give a nice color as it bakes and then I just like to sprinkle some salt and pepper on the top. Now I’m going to do the same exact thing to the other one pop it into the oven at 425, and I’m going to let this bake between 10 to 15 minutes or until the puff pastry is puffed up and it’s beautiful golden brown color my beef wellington was in the oven for about 15 minutes at 425, and they’re perfect. I let them cool for just a couple minutes so that I don’t completely burn myself off so excited I am so excited for this look at that want to cut it right down the center. So you can see oh that is perfect look at that look at that meat perfectly cooked.