How-To Make a Steak Sandwich

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 15 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
How To Make A Steak Sandwich.


  • The Chimichurri
  • A Little Bit Of A Predicament
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Cilantro Parsley
  • Herbs Basil
  • Some Mint
  • Olive Oil
  • Fresh Cracked Pepper
  • Some Salt
  • Two Lemons
  • Tomato Salad
  • Seasonal Cherry
  • Some Zest
  • Some Parmesan



Let’s get started we got to make the chimichurri first because that’s what takes the longest amount of time the kale. We’re gonna dice this up and then this is our base for our chimichurri everyone loves healthy right. Now including myself we’re gonna take the celery i want the gist the heart itself boom that guy and this is gonna give it even more crunch beautiful gonna take our jalapeno and then we’re just gonna pretty much like julienne. But when you’re doing this make sure you wash your hands. After because you don’t want to touch your eyes or your forehead touch your pecker because you’ll be in a little bit of a predicament love a jalapeno with the seeds okay. Now we’re just gonna add our garlic give it a smash.


So we’re just add the garlic we got the onion and i like a lot of onion in it the herbs basil. I can’t keep got cilantro parsley add some mint you’re good. So now we’re gonna add a lot of olive oil there we go and this is what you’re looking for barely covering it right. It’s just enough you don’t want to let it drown and you don’t want to be like dry. We’re just gonna take some salt, we’re gonna get a lot of fresh cracked pepper. In there then we got two lemons we’re gonna just zest police those juices you guys get to make this at home like a beautiful mind looks dude is it gonna look just as good.


You can use this on pork chicken fish look at that on some steak, on same thing we have a skirt steak here perfect for making steak sandwiches seasoned the skirt steak heavily with salt, a little pepper, a little oil in there really rub it in here yeah. I get all the salt in there get it in all the nooks and crannies kind of rub out your little skirt steak– give it a little massage. I’m just gonna cut this in half we’re gonna just place this in our pan. So, let the caramelization happen slowly look at that we’re gonna make the tomato salad really quick seasonal cherry tomatoes just cut them in half a good amount of olive oil some zest just a little lemon juice a little bit of salt a little fresh cracked pepper.

4Then we’re just gonna lace it with some parmesan cover up the tomato you know cover them up nobody wants to see tomatoes boom that’s a perfect tomato salad can’t even see the tomatoes steaks perfect look at that look at that yeah you can cook these skirt steaks on medium-high heat about 4 to 5 minutes aside then you should be fine. You don’t want it too rare because it’ll get chewy and you’ll pull away and the meat all come out on the steak sandwich don’t you guys call these in the states keep going like sub buns sub buns you guys go home roles or hoagie buns whatever so now just a little olive oil a little rub put them down there.


You go that’s nice a little rub this pans on like medium heat you want to let it warm up kind of steam the bun get it crunchy crispy perfect. Hey those steaks are good to go this is 100% matty’s a steak sandwich. Okay perfect toast at hoagie roll the kale chimichurri. You’ve never seen them war, so let these rest for about ten minutes before you slice them. Cuz if you slice them there’s gonna bleed everywhere look at this these buns are good look at these buns perfect nice and crunchy soft oh can’t beat that got our garlic.

6We’re just gonna rub that on the bread it’s powerful it doesn’t need a lot so the steaks been rested the breads ready look at that you just want to slice like nice little thin pieces see that’s what you’re looking for perfectly rested see how there’s not a lot of blood leeching out of the steaks. We’ve done our job once again here we go so just give your chimichurri a little stir and then we’re just gonna put a little bit down the middle oh buddy that’s it and game [music] you got steak sandwich. You got tomato parmesan salad lc1 where am i italy huh skitty where am i on the riviera. I don’t know no you’re right home in your kitchen cooking the food