How To Make a Paloma With Only Four Ingredients

Prepare time: 10 mins
Ready in: 10 mins

Today I’m Going To Make Paloma Drink.


  • Grape
  • Little Bit Of Lime Juice
  • Hornitos Black Barrel
  • Cup Of Soda
  • Salt



We can get at home just grape fruit and some lines so what do you want to do first. you want to get a Collins glass and you want to coat the rim with a little bit of lime juice and this would help to have the salt sit on the rim. You’ll have something like this. what do you want to do first is grapefruit juice.we’re going to do lime juice and today, we’re going to use Hornitos black barrel now. We’re going to shake it without ice this is called the dry shape. You don’t want to use ice because it’ll dilute the drink you are gonna add a cup soda afterwards this is just mixing the drinks in kind of waking up the citrus and the juices. some ice to the glass then. You want to top it off with some mineral water sparkling can also use a grapefruit wedge as a garnish this is also a very delicious refreshing summery cocktail you go.