How to Make a Mood Ring CocktailI’m Going To Be Showing You How To Make A Mood Ring Cocktail.


  • Pineapple Juice
  • Lime Juice
  • Aloe Vera Tequila
  • Butterfly Pea Flower
  • Tequila Hornitos



You’ll need some pineapple juice lime juice, aloe vera tequila.I’m going to be preparing that as a cocktail and then pouring it over butterfly pea flower tea which is an ingredient from Thailand that changes from blue to red. we’re going to start with the cocktail base of fresh pineapple juice and fresh lime juice and aloe vera and some tequila Hornitos. So, I prepare this as a cocktail separate give it a little bit of ice and a shake at this point and then. I serve this in a sidecar sitting on a bed of crushed ice this drink is all about presentation it’s all about being a tableside magic trick so, what I do next is.I bring the glass to the table with ice and from here.


I pour very special ingredient that is the base of why we call it the mood ring.I didn’t want to use Blue Curacao as an ingredient because it’s not a naturally base-2 ingredient so,I found an ingredient called butterfly pea flower this is a flower that grows in Thailand it’s harvested and then dried and made into a tea from here the interesting thing that we do tableside is pour the cocktail over the butterfly pea flower. which is lit from below and the lighting illustrates and shows the change in color which is a result of the chemical change in pH that takes place butterfly pee flower tea is available online there’s several merchants that just sell that if,you were to serve this in your home it’s actually quite brew some the tea add a little bit of sugar a little bit of alcohol even if, you want to fortify it so it has a longer shelf life and pour over and then. you’re going to see that change in color the LED coaster is available online for probably two or three dollars and for this one and there you have it that’s how you make a mood ring cocktail you.