How to Make a Classic Frisée Salad

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Ready in: 40 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Classic Frisee Salad.


  • White Distilled Vinegar
  • Break The Eggs
  • Little Shallot
  • Bacon
  • Salt
  • Red Wine Vinegar



I recommend to people is to break the eggs first in the little container with an American or whatever you need okay and make sure don’t break the egg yolk Sora so,you have some of the water we are going to put a little touch of a white distilled vinegar okay, a little bit corrugation of the egg white is more easy. I’m going to bring to birth my water and my vinegar take a little spoon with some port if you can will make sure your water is very very hot okay you want to run away the egg white to go all around the egg yolk that’s what is the most difficult thing to get the egg white around the egg yolk so we really want to have the center of the egg the egg yolk to be liquid but one porcelain now. we’re gonna do a Salada.I will take you to that show very well so a pretty little shallot and also. we’re going to sweat the shallow but I don’t want any coloration it’s my golly in France cooking with a large turtle alright.


So, today.I’m using bacon but you already can use to work you loud so, we have to become like this put a flame hop higher.we’re going to caramelize little bit the beak on you want crunchy and still mois. I know what to try to match the vicuna they can swallow laughter.I’m going to deglaze with a touch of red wine vinegar okay, I want them to be a little cool but.I want them still very tender very fatty.I want to bring fat in my in my in my salad a little touch of salt a touch of white pepper so bring to boil a little bit the vinegar okay with the shallot with the bacon.I guess.I’m going to wait for little orgasm the fat and the vinegar vinegar can be become together and we go to have little ism cook about hazel almost a glitter sauce now which was some pity okay just here.I mean turn off my eat and now.I’m putting master idea but I don’t know you just cook it not cook it but toasted snow in the salad you know you want to set up to be one with a little shy here too so to skate very well okay so now easy on the plate with my vinegar all right that’s a very very classic Oh frizzy you.