How to Make a Cornucopia

We’re Making Cornucopia Recipe.


  • One Egg
  • Breadsticks Dough
  • Sesame Seeds



We’ll start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and lightly spraying a 17 by 14 inch baking sheet to make them all for your cornucopia. you’ll need a 30 by 18 inch piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil nonstick aluminum foil works best fold the foil in half to create a 15 by 18 inch piece now roll the foil diagonally to form a hollow cone about 18 inches long and 5 inches at the widest end this will become the opening for the cornucopia roll the end up to secure Duffek cone with crumpled foil to keep its shape during baking Nags been a tale of the foil cone up then down at the end place on the prepared baking sheet and spray the entire cone with nonstick cooking spray and now.


Let’s make an egg wash by beating together one egg and one tablespoon of water. we’ll apply this to the cornucopia before it’s baked to give it a beautiful shine to form the cornucopia. you’ll need three eleven ounce containers of refrigerated soft breadsticks dough open an unroll the first can of CHO onto a lightly floured surface using a pizza cutter separate into six breadsticks start at the narrow end of the cone and wrap the first piece of dough around it brush the end of the dough with the egg wash and press the second piece of dough to attach continue to spiral wrap the breadsticks slightly overlapping and pressing together until.


You have only three left be sure to leave space at the top of the cone for the braid place the last three breadsticks on a board pinch together and braid to attach the braids brush the opening of the cornucopia with egg wash and gently press on the braid use the rest of the egg wash to brush the entire cornucopia and sprinkle with sesame seeds if, you wish they can appreciate it oven until the bread is cold and brown about 45 minutes check on the cornucopia a few times during baking once bait remove the cornucopia to a wire rack and cool completely if you’re freezing the cornucopia for later Becky who shared this recipe recommends leaving the foil inside for support and then removing it when thawed Allrecipes member Patsy used the cornucopia as a centerpiece filled with vegetables.