Hot Water Cornbread Recipe

Ready in: 25 min

All right so we’re doing hot water cornbread.


  • Oils
  • Cornbread
  • Bacon grease
  • Sugar
  • Boiling water
  • Coconut oil\peanut oil
  • Bacon fat


1You ready come on and close. Now as you can see over here I’ve got my cast iron pan and the oils right next to it I’m ready to put in about I guess about an inch or two it needs to be halfway filled up with oil we’re gonna fry up our cornbread in a cast-iron pan. All right, so here I got some leftover bacon grease. I’m not using it all just a few tablespoons in the oil as we fry up our cornbread it’s an option. Sugar is also an option you don’t have to put sugar in it got a little bit sugar to sweeten it I like cornbread sweet some people just like it normal. I like a sweet edge on it there’s a little bit of salt yellow cornmeal this is going to be 2 cups of boiling water when we put it into the mix.

2Okay as you can see we’re heating up our oil it’s about halfway up. The skillet I’m going to take 2 tablespoons roughly there we go. That’s going to dissolve in the oil as it heats up going to add a little bit of a flavor to it you don’t have to do this step you can just use clean oil you use coconut oil if you want to go really healthy you can go peanut oil if you can afford it. Right now I’m just using vegetable oil and a little bit of bacon fat.

3Okay, now I have two bowls. The first bowl is going to be to do my mix, this bowl is going to be to wet my hands you’re going to want warm water in this for later when you book you wet your hands before you touch the batter okay. So then stick your fingers and it works out nice so I’ll show you how all that works.

4Right now let’s start with bowl number one let’s mix all our dry ingredients, cornmeal, salt. I’m gonna get in there and sugar about all I want to use just gently incorporate it all together. Here we go water was boiling in the microwave so now we’re going to mix this in okay, so that wasn’t enough.

5I’m going to need to put in more water it said the recipe said two cups I’ll adjust the bottom but we need more water that’s not creamy yet okay. So we’re going to pour more water in here using my fork. So give me a second to change gears here all right, so set this off burning hot be careful. Set this off to the side and then ill this which is regular sink warm water okay. I drop some in and I forgot to hit record so let’s show you this again.

6I’m gonna wet my hands over here in the bowl. I’m going to grab a handful of dough. I’m just going to shape it you can do patties, you can do rolls, you can use squares, you can do whatever you want I shape it into that and it just drop it in. That’s kind of the shape that it was at the restaurant I went to they were kind of long oblong looking, all right so when it starts to look look good you go feel it feels firm on the outside. Starts to get that golden brown pop them out on a paper towel paper towel over here and then put in some more.

7So I’m going to cook these up see that one looks like it’s almost done. I’m gonna take that one out right now all right there. It is hot water cornbread little tiny bacon bits left over in the bacon grease. I use two tablespoons, so it should give it a little bit of a bacony flavor. One thing I like to do is get in real close. I want to show you I did one like a flap kind of a patty type and I did one kind of like that I the kind I got at the restaurant and I’m just going to break it open.