Honey & Thyme Roasted Carrots & Parsnips Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Ready in: 30 mins

I’m Going To Make Honey And Thyme Roasted Parsnips And Carrots Recipe.


  • Parsnips
  • Carrots
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Honey
  • Salt
  • Fresh Thyme Leaves
  • Pepper
  • Maple



You’ll need some parsnips and carrots find small carrots kind of like how.I found small parsnips and I would cut them the same size but I wasn’t able to so. I just took some large carrots peel them and cut them into the same thickness as my parsnips.which were small parsnips that.I just peeled and halved so, I’ve got some of those here vegetable oil, honey, fresh thyme leaves, salt and pepper that is it now carrots are nice and sweet parsnips think of them like a carrot with an attitude it’s got just a touch more of like us. I call it a spicy flavor but they’re not spicy.I just can’t kind of just.I can’t really describe what they taste like but they’re delightful and when you add a little extra something sweet it kind of enhances their natural sweetness and they caramelize in the oven and it’s just phenomenal.


I have the oven preheated to 425 and this is incredibly easy and simple so let’s get to it to my veggies I’m going to add my vegetable oil and I add vegetable oil because if,I were to add olive oil it would compete with the honey make sure.you get really good-quality honey and just a quick tip oil your little Bowl before you add your honey so that it can kind of slide right out now to this you can also add maple.you can also use maple syrup if you wanted to just so you know going to use honey.I’ve got some time Ling’s you can see.I’m kind of just pinching them in my fingers lots of salt and pepper they look beautiful already good pinch of salt even though.we added honey you need a balance of things and then as you can see.


I have this I have my veggies on a baking sheet that.I’ve lined with some aluminum foil because we have honey here so,things are going to caramelize and get sticky and sometimes that will ruin your baking pans so just line it with foil and then all.you have to do is get rid of the foil and your baking sheet is perfectly fine okay toss them really well with that flavorful oil and honey in time and now.what I’m going to do is.I’m going to pop these into the oven that.I have preheated at 425 and they’ll be in there for about 25 minutes give them a flip halfway through to make sure they’re getting caramelized nice and evenly and then.I’ll show you what they look like.when they’re done how easy is that pretty sure that if you make this recipe you will be the winner for the fastest veggie side dish of life.


I will bet money on that my carrots and parsnips were in the oven for 20 minutes and as. you can see they got beautiful color they’re really caramelized but make sure that you wait a good 10 minutes or so, before you serve them because you remember that bubbling hot honey can scorch the roof of your mouth so,give it a few minutes before.you even plate them they look magnificant magnificent.I mean look at this color.I don’t mix elf up look at this gorgeous nnessee that every single piece is just I mean your flavor is unbeatable but our carrot look at the stickiness really delicious.