Honey Mustard Sauteed Chicken Recipe

Ready in: 35 mins

I’m Going To Make Honey Mustard Sauteed Chicken Recipe.


  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
  • Chicken Base
  • Small Onion
  • Little Bit Of Honey
  • Some Butter
  • Touch Of Brown Sugar
  • Some Dijon Mustard
  • Some Grainy Mustard
  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Some Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt



You’ll need or few and basic starting off with some boneless skinless chicken breast. You’ll need some stock.I’m using my chicken base. You’ll need a small onion. I’ve got a little bit of honey, here some butter a touch of brown sugar just a very small amount. You’ll need some Dijon mustard, some grainy mustard, garlic, parsley, some pepper and just a touch of olive oil very simple very easy but packed with flavor. Let’s get started. I am going to season my chicken breasts really really quickly with some salt and pepper and now the recipe calls for four six sounds chicken breast. I’m just using a little bit less than that and I’ve got a skillet preheating over about medium-high heat. I’m going to add my chicken seasoned side down all. I want to do to this and I want to cook it all the way through. I want to cook it like travel you know halfway through but I just going to develop some color and now that.


I’ve put that down.I’m going to season the other side.I’m also going to grab a clean place to put them on as soon as they come out so, I’m going to go do that and we’ll get going on slicing up our onions and chopping our garlic you’re going to take a really small yellow onion cut the bottom and tops off. I’m going to slice this nice and thin.I don’t want to make it too thick. I almost want this too melt in the sauce and add another level of sweetness now.I’m adding a little bit of brown sugar not a lot but a little bit just because.I don’t want to add too much honey because then you really get Kate with a lot of that florally like flavor so,I want enough honey that you can taste the honey and I could you know contribute some lip flavor but I also want to just cut it a little bit with a brown sugar that’s why I do that.


I’m just going to cut my onion nice and thin on a Halfmoon that’s good enough.you’re going to put that back we’ve got a little container then. I’m going to mince my garlic now the garlic is not going to go in at the same time as the onion and I’ll explain why in a bit but. I’m just going to chop this nice and fine and then just put it back into the little container those look good.I’m just going to go back into my scale. I’m going to add in a little bit of butter along with my onion and I season my onion just with a little salt and pepper it helps to bring out the moisture in the onion helps cook it a little bit faster as well. I want this to soften and develop a little bit of color so,I’m just going to mix that up you just give it a good stir now in the meantime while that’s happening it’s just creating such beautiful aromas and beautiful flavors and then set that aside and make my little sauce now.


I’m going to add the base itself.when I add it to the heat because it doesn’t melt and cold water but this would be your stock.I’m going to add my garlic to my sauce and add it together instead of sauteing the garlic first because it does two things one I don’t want too strong of a garlic flavorbut two it actually when you don’t saute the garlic when you add it with liquid it gives you a different kind of flavor a bit more mild but still keeping a little bit of the heat that natural the garlic naturally has so that’s what I’m going to do.I’m going to add that to my call it stock I’ve got my honey and now because.I want to measure for you know showing you this recipe I sprayed my little container with some nonstick spray otherwise it sticks it doesn’t come out my brown sugar and both kinds of mustard now.I happen to absolutely adore grainy mustard that’s why I got really heavy but. I fear not a grainy mustard fan then.


You can just use all these on mustards but.I happen to love grainy mustard so, I add some in salt and pepper this and then just whisk it with a little bit of fork just to combine it quickly add your sauce now don’t forget to add the base otherwise. I have no basil stir that in and I’m just going to let this cook until it comes to a really high boil for just a minute or so and then.we’ll add our chicken right back in you can see that’s thickening up really beautifully so, I’m going to just put my chicken right back in with its beautiful juices that’s flavour.I pay for that flavor Oh me eat it put the lid back on well wasn’t on but put the lid on.


I’m going to let this cook for about four minutes on each side or until the chicken is fully cooked through and then it is ready to serve that’s it easy peasy chicken dinner.I was going to say easy peasy lemon squeezy but.I wanted to put in a chicken dinner in there you know what I’m going to try and stop being witty.I’m gonna let this cook so it’s that much closer to dinnertime oh look at that Oh looks amazing sprinkling over,some greenery with some parsley for a little bit of freshness.you can see the sauce sticking up so, beautifully we didn’t add a lot of honey or a lot of brown sugar to this it’s just a really good balance and mainly it’s the mustard.I hope things really thicken beautifully look at those onions this is what I mean when I say I almost want them to melt in the sauce just going to grab this little piece.