Homemade Potato Chips Recipe

Prep in: 40 mins
Cook in: 20
Ready in: 1 hr
I ‘M Going To Make Homemade Potato Chips.


  • Potatoes Sliced
  • Onion
  • Salt
  • Sour Cream
  • Oil



You have to do is get your potatoes sliced really thinly now you can do this with a mandolin which in my opinion is one of the most dangerous tools
you can come across in the kitchen if,you don’t know how to use it well or you can do it I’m doing today and just slice them really really thin with a sharp kitchen knife now it’s obviously going to take some practice and you have to kind of you know focus as you do this but you see how can that is it’s usually about how. you want your the thickness of your potato chips to be if they vary just a little bit from one side to the other is fine but you just don’t want like a quarter inch thickness on one side and like shaved on the other side so,just keep that in mind and be it just take your time in slicing them now. I’m going to share with you just how to make them really simple with some salt at the end but let me know in the comments down below your favorite potato chip flavor.


I love making them with like barbecue flavored sour cream and onion so, let me know your favorite down below because. I will love love to make a few variations of these maybe in the next couple of weeks with those sort of dough’s flavoring so, let me know down below. I’m going to continue to slice these until my both both of my potatoes are all sliced and in the water all my potatoes are sliced.I’m going to leave them the cold water for two
hours but I’m going to change the water in about an hour and just kind of drain this out and put clean water in and let it sit for another hour in the meantime.I don’t get my oil ready and then. we’ll start frying up now my potatoes were soaking for a couple of hours.I drained them and I just lined them on a single layer on clean kitchen towels it’s really important that your potatoes are very dry before they go into the oil and speaking of oil.


I have some vegetable oil coming up to temperature at 375 degrees and then. what I do is I kind of like to insure that they’re getting really dry. I kind of like if they if, a couple of them break it’s fine but I just kind of rolled them like a sausage like that and then. I kind of let them go it’s just really important that your potatoes are dry because if, you’re working with wet potatoes or anything that’s really wet going into a deep fryer you are asking for some serious serious trouble and nobody wants that so all. I’m doing is making sure my my oil is pretty much to temperature
so, what I do is. I like to use a spider. I know it’s funny and I like to load up my spider and I like to do this in batches so, this is probably going to take. I would say four or five batches and I’m just going to lower them in my oil.


I already use it for something else so, don’t worry and then just cook them until they become a beautiful golden brown color drain them onto some
paper towel lined plate and then we’re going to sprinkle them with some salt and they’ll be done that’s the point easy but I guarantee you crispy homemade potato chips every single time okay last batch they look fantastic try to shake off as much as the oil as you can because it does make a difference in terms of keeping them from turning soggy but look at this pile of goodness over here oh my goodness my mouth is watering let me just season them slightly with some salt like. I said listen you listen thrills me. I tell you now like I said this is just a basic just trying to show.you how the potato chip how to make potato chips and then.