Tomato Soup Recipe

Prepare time: 5 mins
Cook: 30 mins
Ready in: 35 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make Tomato Soup.


  • Fresh Tomatoes
  • Chopped Onion
  • Chicken Stock
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Balsamic Vinegar



You need some fresh tomatoes chopped onion chicken stock these are some Italian peeled tomatoes garlic salt pepper extra virgin olive oil and you need a few extra ingredients.which I’ll get into when the time comes so for now what the first thing. I wanna do is get your oven preheated to 425 what I’m going to do is roast my tomatoes I like my tomato soup to have some fresh tomatoes in them these tomatoes are not that fabulous and sweet so what I’m going to do is I’m going to roast them to bring out the natural sweetness in tomatoes and it gives you like a really sort of sweet roasted tomato flavor and I think it’s amazing in this recipe so cut them in half it’s close to me and you can use any tomatoes that you want I’m using just a regular just plum tomatoes but that’s what I found but I’m not that sweet so this is really going to help with bringing out the sweetness stuff salsa and I’m going to add one more ingredient which I didn’t have out there’s a little bit of balsamic vinegar balsamic vinegar is going to break down and really give the tomatoes a beautiful caramelized color.


Which I love so toss everything together.I’m going to put them cut side down.I’m going to pop these into the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes or until they’ve developed a good caramelized color and they cook down and then.I’m going to pop these in wash my hand and you go into making the rest of the seat at a large soup pot here with about to the two and a half tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat and since am I’m going to add in my onions I’m not going at the garlic and yet because I really want to cook the onions for a little bit about five to eight minutes until they’ll develop a good caramelized color and they start to break down and I gotta tell you I’m so excited for the soup it is one of my favorites it’s got obviously tomatoes and basil so it’s a classic combination that I love but it’s also perfect because it’s great for back-to-school or if you go into work and you want a good lunch. I’m going to top this with some parmesan croutons.


I’ll show you how to make this as well um but you know it’s fabulous make us to the night before and then put it in a thermos right the next morning pop it in the microwave heat it up put in a thermos cover it tightly the croutons stay perfect at room temperature like in an airtight bag or container bring it to school you’re going to have warm soup put in some croutons it is perfect.I would serve it alongside some pita chips and hummus and you have got a lunch people will be jealous about I guarantee it so that’s what I’m going to do is I’m going to kind of babysit my onion and wait until they get a nice good caramelized color and in the meantime.I’m going to cut up some baguette for my course on onions a perfect. I’m going to add in my garlic and I’m only going to let the garlic cook about a minute. I just want to get rid of that raw garlic flavor so as that’s going I’m going to finish with my croutons.


I just have a roasted garlic baguette here but you can use any kind of bread that you want any kind of bread you have on hand grab my olive oil I’m going to drizzle it with some good quality olive oil and then I’m going to grate over some good quality Parmesan cheese looks good I’m not even going to toss it that’s why I put everything kind of all the bright together so I’m not even going to bother tossing them it’s going to melt over the top the bottoms make it nice and crunchy still issues but before I pop that into the oven and I check my garlic just looking good smells better I’m going to give that another 30 seconds I’m going to pop my croutons into the oven same temperature 425 but I’m going to put this in the middle rack so that doesn’t burn for about 10 to 15 minutes or until they’re golden brown and crunchy and crouton like and I’m going to let them and set them aside to cool some even add in my tomatoes when you are buying canned tomatoes make sure that you buy the kind that’s low in sodium or no sodium and make sure it’s a nice Italian brand because the time.


I got the best tomatoes so at this point you have a fabulous marinara sauce but that’s not what we want so I’m going to fit it out with some chicken stock you could also use vegetable stock it’s not be totally fine looks awesome already need this a stir now I’m going to turn things on medium so that’s good I’m going to wait for that to come up to a boil.I’m actually going to stick in some basil but I’m not chopping it because I’m actually going to fish this out because if I were to puree the basil in the soup it would have like like a greenish red color and I want to be pure red and delicious so I’m going to put this in to get all the flavor but then.I’m going to fish it out so let this come up to boil let it simmer for about 20 minutes and then in 20 minutes the tomatoes will be roasted the croutons will will be done this will have a couple more minutes and then.


I’ll kind of show you the last few steps soups been simmering for about 20 minutes and take out my basil if a couple pieces get left behind that’s fine it’s not going to change up the color that much my tomatoes or gorgeous yeah they’re all stumped up and they’re golden brown and that’s what you want they smell so delicious gonna just take them out put them right in I also took out my um my croutons there’s something on the back burner they’re just kind of chilling out and cooling down alrighty last of the tomatoes it’s good give this a nice stir and I’m going to let this simmer for about five minutes and in the meantime I’m going to get my immersion blender ready we plugged in if you don’t have an immersion blender which is just a handheld blender which I’ll show you in a second you can do the same exact thing in a regular blender isn’t going to make a difference it’s just easier that’s all so let this simmer for five minutes and then clean up you may may immersion blender now show next step looks awesome and smells even better.


I’m going to turn this off because you don’t you never want to use your immersion blender while you have the pot on because it could bubble up and and hit you in the face and then nothing is worth getting hurt remember that no matter how good it is this is the immersion blender it’s basically a blender that I can just it’s a handheld blender but like I said you can use a regular blender if we process so whatever and just blend this until nice and smooth that looks good now you could serve this I’m going to add cream to this but I’m gonna pass it through a sieve first because you know I don’t kind of like the peel of the tomatoes back left behind so we’re going to pass it through a sieve and get a nice and smooth but you can absolutely serve it like this if it doesn’t bother.


You know I prefer my tomato soup really nice and smooth and creamy and decadent and delicious so, I’m going to just take the extra few minutes get a nice facial here with the steam and pass it through that’s what I’m going to do once you have it all passed let put it back into the same pot oh yeah now that’s awesome.I’m going to season it with some salt and pepper because we got to really season this a whole lot of course always start with the pepper and you want to make sure you season it well with salt because you’re going to be adding some cream in there which is sweet the tomatoes are very sweet they need salt so once that comes up to a boil.I’m going to add in the cream well I’ll show you what it looks like once we put it all together because we’re pretty much done just going to add in a touch of cream and you can absolutely omit the cream if you don’t want to but I’m gonna put it in.


I’m just going to give it a stir continue to let it cook for a couple minutes just to make sure it’s nice and piping hot guys perfect now if you are making this for lunch for tomorrow at this point I would cool it put it into the fridge then tomorrow morning get up of five extra minutes like five minutes early he did happen a microwave put in a thermos cover it up you’ve got yourself a good lunch serve it with some like pita chips and hummus Oh gorgeous smells wonderful and then you can put your croutons.