Homemade Sandwich Bread

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook: 40 mins
Ready in: 2 hrs 42 mins

We’re Going To Make Homemade Sandwich Bread Recipe.


  • Some Bread Flour
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Some Salt
  • Some No Fat Dry Milk Powder
  • Salt
  • Lemon Zest
  • Melted Little Bit Of Yeast



Some bread flour, granulated sugar some salt some nonfat dry milk powder some warm water some vegetable shortening that I’ve melted a little bit of yeast and a little bit of sugar let’s get started on activating our yeast now I always add a pinch of sugar to my yeast to my warm water because it feel like the yeast gets fed off of the sugar and I mean I just feel like it works best so I’m just going to set that aside until it can foam up a little bit and activate in the meantime and make sure you get all your dry ingredients measured out and ready which I clearly have and you want to give this a really really good stir now you can find dry milk powder online.


I’m going to do is I’m just going to just take this out and get all my ingredients in mind the bowl of my standing mixer. I’m going to make this in my standing mixer just because I feel like it’s a lot easier and it’s going to need all by itself with no help for me whatsoever however I am is this bowl to allow my bread my dough to rise in so, I’m just going to add a little bit of vegetable oil you can usually use a spray and then just with a pastry brush brush all over the sides because as this rises you want to make sure it’s not sticking to anything as you can see my yeast has foamed up really really nicely you can really smell it which is really important. I’m just going to get it all out of here into my bowl with my dry ingredients along with my vegetable shortening now if you can’t find vegetable shortening can you can always use some butter but the vegetable shortening is going to give you a lot more of a light texture instead of a heavy one but the butter will taste delicious so really it’s up to you.


I’m going to do but the rest of you does call for vegetable shortening I’m just kind of moment thinking pump that on there put my little dough attachment dough hook attachment I’m gonna mix this up and let it knead for about three minutes or so or enjoy comes together a nice dough um actually what it looks like when it’s there alright as you can see all the flour is been incorporated in there it’s gotta be a really sticky dough but that’s quite all right don’t fear it works whoops it works out every single time I’m just gonna take my my little brush out and then I just use my little plastic spatula plonk my dough in there I just make sure to brush the very top with a little bit of vegetable oil so it doesn’t form a crust always Pat that on there to take some of the vegetable oil from the sides okay now.


I’m going to do is wrap this with some plastic wrap and I’m going to put this somewhere warm to doubled what this should be like twice and a half the size of it is now the best place for me is always in my microwave above my stove obviously.I’m not gonna turn my microwave on and it’s especially fabulous if,you’ve got your oven turned on cooking something else in there because then it really gets a job done a lot faster so depending on how hot the places are you keeping it at it happen in an hour to two hours so you’re gonna have to keep an eye on in going to wrap it on this side as well because this is a pretty big bowl and I’m just going to let this rise until it’s uh nice and plump tup my Jo has risen beautifully what I have here is a nine by five inch loaf pan.


I just sprayed that with some nonstick spray you can also use a little vegetable oil and I just have a little bit more bread flour.I’m not going to add too much.I’m just going to add enough to my work my counter here to my work surface so it doesn’t stick but I don’t want to add too much because it but I don’t want to do is make this bread too dense by adding a lot of flour.I’m going to keep the flour to a minimum and then just sprinkle a little bit on the top you don’t have to use too much force to just be gentle and all I’m doing is just rolling this into a log and as you can see that happened really really quickly and you just want to make sure that your seam is at the bottom and then.


I just kind of you don’t have to do this step but I always do I just kind of pinch the two ends together bring your loaf pan over put that right in there I like to fin it out just a bit will flatten it up in it and then what I do is I just take whoops a little free kitchen towel put it on the top put it back into the microwave obviously like I mentioned the microwave is not on and you’re going to let this rise until it’s come up a little bit above your baking pan and then we’ll be ready to bake it that is what you are looking for now you want to make sure at this point you have your oven preheated to 350 this baby is gonna bake for about 40 minutes or so check on it every 10 minutes if halfway through you feel like your breads getting really really brown and you still have you know another 20 minutes to go you’re afraid it’s gonna burn tent it with a little bit of aluminum foil so good it’s okay it’ll be fine.


I’m gonna pop this in there and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s done.I am so excited because there’s nothing absolutely nothing not even Nutella.I will never repeat myself on that one again but there’s nothing better than homemade bread nothing my bread baked for 40 minutes now I did end up covering this with aluminum foil in the last 10 minutes because it was developing too much color and I’ve let it cool as much as I can handle because it is warm it smells good and I want to eat it but you really should wait for this to cool completely now I know I’ll get a lot of questions on whether or not you can use whole wheat flour for this instead of white.I’m going to do for future videos on like light wheat and whole wheat because there are different steps and different ingredients are going to need to be added to it so let’s go ahead and cut this open so that you can see what it looks like now.


I want to just share with you a really quick first of all how gorgeous is that but I want to share with you a really quick tip this has a slight not a hard crust but a really slight slight crust if however you want your the top of your bread to be really really soft what you do is you just take a piece of paper towel you dampen it in some water and you kind of rub the very top surface of your bread and it will keep it really really soft this however I like to keep it this way because it’s easier to cut and I feel like it holds a sandwich better either way it’s fine you can see it’s beautiful it’s fully cooked it’s really soft on the inside it’s got a beautiful beautiful crust around it.