Homemade Ravioli Recipe

Prepare time: 2 hrs
Cook: 10 mins
Ready in: 2 hrs10 mins

I’m Going To Show You How To Make My Homemade Ravioli Recipe.


  • Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Egg
  • Pepper
  • Fresh Pasta
  • Salt
  • Ricotta



You need some fresh we go down some Parmesan Reggiano an egg salt and pepper and some fresh pasta now this pasta. I am going to grate some parmesan reggiano whoa and you can put as much or as little as you want for this amount. I’m going to say I want about a half cup so with patience go ahead and break that in and you want to make sure you always use some fresh parmesan reggiano you do not want to buy the canned stuff that’s not even in the refrigerator section.you know when that stuff comes from that stuff comes from the factory where they make real cheese is the stuff that they sweep off the floor that’s not real parmigiano and we don’t want to put any that into our system come on we want good stuff right.


I’m gonna season it with salt and pepper not too much salt because remember the ricotta and the parmigiano is saucy enough as it is and then we need an egg just to bind everything together always crack into a separate bowl to make sure there’s no shell there’s no bed egg so now just mix the entire thing together and if. You wanted to you could put some shredded mozzarella in there but we don’t do that we just put ricotta and that’s. I don’t all I know about it okay so now set this aside because it’s time to form the ravioli so now we just want to put some flour on the board and I’m going to take the first sheet of our fresh homemade pasta which is so perfect. I just adore this recipe because of its simplicity now in here if, you want to do this by hand which I’m going to show you a couple different steps this is how we’re going to do it you’re going to take some of your ricotta okay and you’re going to just put dollops of it.you want to make sure it’s just a few inches apart from each other.


I would say a couple inches because when we form them we want them to be correct so now just take a little pastry brush and brush all around the edges because you want to make sure that the other sheet sticks it’s not going to stick if it has nothing to stick to so now you take your sheet and you put it right on top making sure that when you do that you give some room to get rid of any air bubbles okay really important if, you don’t get rid of your air bubbles you’re very old or going to pop open as you cook them now this is a ravioli cutter this is old you know ravioli cutter it’s a couple dollars it’s very inexpensive if, you don’t have one don’t fear you can just use there’s your ravioli use a knife.


You can use a cookie cutter and it is whatever you want okay but I’m going to go with one of these just because it really gives you the ideal ravioli shape now here are your first ravioli now. I’m just putting these back on the cookie sheet that’s lined with parchment paper and sprinkled with some semolina now this is your second option this is a little ravioli it’s not a machine but it’s like a ravioli maker it’s so easy and simple.I got this years ago at some kitchen store. I can’t even tell you where or what it was called but this is ideal if,you want to make them really really fast and they come out perfect and easy every single time basically what you do is you put your dough over the top and you’re going to have to probably fit it to make sure everything fits correctly which takes just a little bit of more patience.


I’m going to take the topper and all you do is press it down and the topper just gives you perfect little like that and then you just fill each one you don’t want to do a heaping tablespoon you want to make sure everything’s nice and flat this makes slightly smaller ravioli but they all taste the same this is just all in one go type of thing so,I’m just going to continue and making the rest of these and then it’s time to cook them up so we can eat some dinner now all we do to this is just brush it with water right in the middle as well because we want everything to stick take your second sheet shake off any excess semolina and just put it over the top making sure if you’re going to stretch it a tiny tad for it to fit and that’s what you’re going to have to do but pretty much they work.


Just fine now this is this is really cool you take a rolling pin and you just roll just like that it’s like rock in and roll in and you can see that the rolling pin is cutting the extra excess dough so just take them out now.I had my ravioli forms now these are the ones I’m going to cook tonight the rest of them.I put in the freezer on a flat baking sheet just like this until they’re frozen and then you can put them in a ziplock bag but that’s just gonna make my life a lot easier on Christmas Day so now I’m going to let these sit at room temperature on the counter for about 20 minutes or so when I’m to dry out a little bit before we cook them and let these sit down for about 20 minutes and I have some salted boiling water and I’m just going to drop them right in and these are literally just going to cook for a couple minutes or until they float and when they float I’m going to drain them and want to serve them up.