Homemade Napoleon Recipe

Ready in: 55 mins
I Want To Share With You My Recipe For Napoleon’s Recipe.


  • Whole Milk
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Pinch Of Salt
  • Granulated Sugar
  • 3 Eggs Yolks
  • Vanilla Bean Paste
  • Little Seeds
  • Fresh Raspberries



You’ll need a few ingredients to make the custard such as whole milk.I’ve got all-purpose flour a pinch of salt granulated sugar, 3 egg yolks and you’ll need vanilla bean paste or you can also use a vanilla bean and just scrape out the little seeds so, it’s really easy and straight forward. I mean it doesn’t really get any easier than this custard all. I’m gonna do is put all my ingredients for my custard in this in the saucepan this is like the same custard.I made when I made my fruit tart my honest fruit tart this is the same custard be used and it’s just it works every single time this is my Nona’s recipe and it’s the only really cost the base custard that we use for most everything because it just works so well and then a good teaspoon of vanilla bean paste which is just the most fantastic smelling thing in the world..


I just want to get it off that and then because this is a nonstick saucepan just going to take a silicone whisk and just whisk everything together to combine and then. I’m going to get this on to the stove all.I’m doing is just whisking to combine it and now.I’m gonna get this onto the over medium heat and cook my custard stirring it with my wooden spoon for about 5-6 minutes or so or until it thickens really nicely and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there that is just gorgeous you can see it coats the back post food and if.I run my finger down they stay separate that’s when you know you’re at the right consistency now I’m just want to strain this the refine sieve into a bowl just because of any eggs curdled or any of the egg yolks curdled or if there’s any bits of flour that didn’t get blended well you know that stuff doesn’t go into your final product so,I am just scraping this out so I want to make sure.


I get every little bit out of this and then just pass it through a sieve you can see it’s like gorgeous ripple of golden vanilla custard that is going to just be fantastic with the pastry and the jam it’s just phenomenal you see in here all that stuff I didn’t get blended really smoothly and a one time to my final dish so,I just strain that out and now what I need to do with a need to cover this with plastic wrap and it’s really important that the plastic wrap is actually touching the custard itself pop it into the fridge for a few hours to cool completely and then.we will be ready to move on to the next step now.I have my work surface sprinkled with some confectioner sugar and I just unrolled a sheet of puff pastry that.I had thawed in the fridge this is just store-bought puff pastry and I also have a baking sheet that I’ve lined with parchment paper.I’m adding a little bit more sugar because.I don’t want this to stick and then just to kind of I’m not really rolling this out to make it bigger but just rolling it out a tad to get it going to get it a little bit more relaxed and now.


I’m making half the recipe because I want to save the other half for tomorrow because I do have people coming over tomorrow for dinner so,I’m going to make three tonight and then three tomorrow and then save tonight enjoy and I will have one and then save one for tomorrow and then I have for it all in total so now I want to do is I’ve got my puff pastry in front of me.I want to cut this in nine equal pieces so let’s see three me three yeah that looks about right and don’t worry if they’re not perfect because remember this isn’t going to come out of some sort of perfect bakery or anything like that this is just coming out of your kitchen and I just love it when things look homemade so,I make no apologies if things are not perfectly squared or whatnot and then.I just place them on my parchment paper actually what I want to do really quickly is just dust with confectioners sugar and it’s really important otherwise everything starts to stick.I’m going to put them all in there like so and now I want to pop these into the freezer for about ten minutes and in the meantime.I’m going to get my oven preheated to 400 and then after they come out.I will show you the next step these were in the freezer for 15 minutes and now.I’m going to do is I’m going to sprinkle the tops with more confectioner sugar.

5You this works really well then take another piece of parchment place it on top like so and then take a baking sheet that’s about the same size or should be the same size so it fits well over the top and then you need to weigh this down.I just use four ramekins and now what this does the weight helps these stay flat as they bake they don’t puff up because if they puff up too much then there’s a bit of an issue because traditionally this should be quite thin and flaky so,I’m going to pop this into the oven and I have preheated at 400 for 10 minutes after 10 minutes.I’m going to remove the top baking sheets with the ramekins and then the top piece of parchment paper flip over the little squares pop it back in the oven for a few minutes or until it’s lightly go on or until they’re beautiful golden brown color let them cool and then we are ready to assemble my little puff pastry squares were in the oven with my little contraption with a baking sheet in the ramekins for 10 minutes after 10 minutes.

6I took that out just flip these over and bake them for 5 more minutes and they’re a beautiful golden brown that powdered sugar makes almost like a lovely glaze on top of these or just they’re just gorgeous so now what I’ve got is my cream that’s nice and cold I’ve got some sea this raspberry jam I just pop this into the microwave for about 30 seconds just like it a bit more loose and then I have some fresh raspberries here and of course a little more powdered sugar and now we are ready to start assembling this is so easy you would not believe it but I’m going to show you because it’s one of those things like.I mentioned it just feel like people don’t make it home very often so let’s see you need three pieces each you take a pastry brush dip it into your jam and you brush it over the top of one of the little squares then you take a little bit of your custard that’s beautiful invalidate always make sure that when you assemble these you assemble these on a different plate that you’re gonna serve them.

7When you put them on your plate then you take another little sheet you brush it with some jam all you’re doing is just repeating the same step you brush it with jam and then a little more custard look at the vanilla beans oh it’s just so beautiful and then all you’re going to do.I’m just so thrilled do it like so like a little sandwich right squeeze it just ever so lightly you take a third one you pop it on top like so confectioner’s sugar over the top now traditionally.you should have royal icing on the very top which i think is making things way too complicated and it’s not necessary whatsoever it’s just adding extra sweetness with no flavor so,I prefer powdered sugar and then fresh fresh fresh raspberries and I mean tell me that’s not absolutely gorgeous now also you really should let this set into the fridge for a little bit because what happens is that the custard and the jam helps everything sort of the pastry get a little bit softer if you were to eat this right now it just is a little bit messy because what happens is the pastry is still really hard what I’m going to do is I’m going to place these.I mean really that are just fantastic on my little tray.