Homemade Meat Sauce Recipe

Ready in: 1 hr 45 mins
I’m Going To Show You How To Make A Very Traditional Meat Sauce Now.


  • Ground Sausage
  • Eggplant
  • Parm
  • Ground Beef
  • Some Tomato Puree
  • Pasta
  • Some Red Wine
  • Onion
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Little Black Pepper
  • Some Basil
  • Garlic



Some ground sausage as well or you can use this for my eggplant parm.I’m going to actually make stuffed shells tonight so I’m going to use mine with
step shells I mean it’s any most possibilities what you can do with the sauce and the ingredients for. I mean they’re so super simple and you’re so,easy to get a hold of and there’s few of them it’s just a little time-consuming because it cooks for a few hours so yeah let’s get started by showing.you exactly what you’re going to need you don’t need some ground beef some tomato puree or some passata, some red wine, onion extra virgin, olive oil
salt. you’ll need a little black pepper and some basil and that’s it.I’m telling you the ingredients for this are super simple and I know what everyone’s thinking where’s the garlic we don’t put garlic in a meat sauce.


I’ve got here is at large put it like heavy-bottomed pot and I’m preheating over about high heat and I’m adding a couple tablespoons of olive oil to that and I want that to get nice and hot so,I’m going to test it a little bit of the ground beef yeah that’s good.I’m adding my grumpy go. I’ll break it up trying to break it up as much as. you can with your wooden spoon and needs a touch more oil it looks a little dry so, that’s fine and I’m Zack cook.I’m gonna chop up my onion.I’m gonna chop up this onion pretty fine dice.I want to kind of small so so,when I was like I was saying before so,some people Bolognese and meat sauce is the same thing but now to me it’s not and that’s the beauty of cooking.

3I mean everyone is his own recipe everyone has their own way of doing things and this just happens to be my me so I think it should say my recipe because it’s really not it’s my grandmother’s and my mother’s and we’ve made it this way for years so I’m just going to cut up my onions nice and fine my ground beef is not all the way cooked through yet but mostly and as you can see I used a relatively lean ground beef so I don’t have a whole lot of fat but if you are using like a fattier cut if you’re using a chuck.I would suggest that you probably need to get rid of some of the fat that comes out up that renders out the ground beef as you cook it because you don’t want your end result to be greasy and oily and fatty because then it just takes away from the flavor of the sauce now too.

4I’ve added my onions to the ground beef and I’m going to salt them not a whole lot I’m not going to add any pepper yet.I’m just going to give this a nice little toss a stir and I’m going to let this cook for about 8 to 10 minutes or until the onions have cooked down a bit and then.I’ll show you the next step now that’s awesome and like. I said you can see that there’s not really a lot of fat hanging out so,I’m not gonna get rid of any oh there’s nothing to get rid of so, now to this.I’m going to add in some red wine.I’m gonna use I always use a merlot. when I work with red wine if,you don’t drink wine you can totally omit this step and just use a little bit of beef stock but I have to tell you if you’re not an alcohol drink or if,you’re not a wine drinker um and you are okay with using in cooking and you’re a little bit nervous.

5I say go ahead and use it because most of the alcohol is going to cook out but you’re going to be left with a really sort of deep deep flavor if, you Holly or if you don’t drink alcohol at all or you don’t like it then just use some beef stock works just as well. what I’m going to do is. I’m going to let this cook out for about a minute and then and then. we’ll be ready to add our tomatoes. I’m going to add in my tomato puree now quick tip. when you’re adding your tomato puree. you see just got so much goodness left over in your cans so, what I do is I take a little bit of water put it in each one because first of all. I do need some water to thin out the sauce anyway so why not use the leftover that’s in here look at that see no weeks good give us a good stir smells really yummy and delicious already now.

6I have to tell you there is one ingredient in this recipe that cannot be substituted which is time and I don’t mean the herb.I mean like you need to let this cook low and slow for a good three hours or so and I’m going to do is.I’m going to put this on as low as it will go partially cover the pan and I’m going to let this cook for about three to three-and-a-half hours.I’m going to stir it every now and then just to make sure nothing sticking that you cannot substitute and I know a lot of people are going to say it’s not necessary do it once and then let me know if it’s necessary trust me I can’t make the stuff up it just works now.I’m going to just let this cook low and slow for about three and a half hours and then.I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s done it’s it simple my sauce has been cooking for about three and a half hours and it’s just how.I want to have added some fresh basil now.

7I’m going to see there with some salt and freshly ground black pepper make sure you taste it because you’re going to need to season it well and one other tip depending on the kinds of tomatoes.you buy some are sweeter than others if,you find that your sauce is a little bit too tangy for you.I suggest adding about a tablespoon of sugar to this and it would be perfect.I’ve been tasting this you know all along so I know it’s perfectly fine.I smell so,delicious and give this a quick bite a quick taste.