Honey Oat Bread Recipe

Prepare time: 30 mins
Cook: 50 mins
Ready in: 3 hrs 50 mins

I’m Going To Make Honey Oat Bread Recipe.


  • Some Bread Flour
  • Some Dry Milk Powder
  • Quick Cooking Oats
  • Melted Butter
  • Salt
  • Honey
  • Yeast
  • Nutella



You’ll need some bread flour, some dry milk powder, these are instant or quick cooking oats not instant but you can also use of course regular old-fashioned oats.I’ve got some fine sea salt this is fine table salt. you’ll need some melted butter, some honey warm water and you’ll need some yeast now that day. I mean it’s really simple and it’s really easy but it is just divine nothing absolutely nothing beats the taste of a homemade bread not in my opinion anyway so the first thing we’re gonna do is.I’m gonna like the water cool you know.I’m actually let’s get started on activating the yeast shall we quick tip now in order for me to measure out the honey so that.I can have it ready for you.I always put it in a glass measuring cup a spray a measuring cup with a nonstick cooking spray first because that way look it all comes right out and it doesn’t get stuck everywhere so that’s the tip of the day spray your measuring cup with some nonstick spray and your honey will come out you do the same thing with like gum corn syrup or anything like that.I’m going to add my butter and my honey my honey and my yeast and I’m just going to set that there.


I’m going to let the yeast proof it’ll take just a few minutes.you should be able to smell it.you’ll see it kind of foam up a little bit and that’s when you know yeast is proofed in the meantime take all of your dry ingredients give this a nice mix together now this bread is sensational on anything. I mean.I love it just see that you know with the jam or butter like you know toast but.I also love making because it’s slightly sweet.I’m a sucker for anything sweet salty.I mean the combination to me is dynamite give me a stick of saltines or stack of saltines and a little bit of Nutella and.I am in heaven so,this bread you can make french toast with it you can make eggy bread with it you can make like french toast kind of sandwich.I mean it’s just there’s so many different things you can make with it so,I’ll show you a couple recipes in the upcoming future here using this bread.


I’m just going to put all my dry ingredients in my standing mixer that’s been fitted with a dough hook.I’m just going to let those sit there until the yeast is proofed and then. we’ll get going on mixing things up as you can see the yeast is proofed beautifully that is what you’re looking for I’m gonna add that to my dry ingredients. when I add everything to my dry ingredients make sure you scrape out the honey all out of there.I don’t want to leave a single little drop behind and then all.I’m gonna do now raise this up mix everything together or medium speed until.you’ve got a nice dough and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there that looks great now obviously it’s not gonna be super super smooth because you have the oats in there but this is perfect now let me get that bit off of there.


I’m going to take everything out of here with my little so,just a plastic dough scraper very very handy.I definitely think you should everyone should invest it in wonder only like five bucks and you’d be surprised how handy they are okay you can see this comes together beautifully it’s slightly tacky which is exactly what.I am looking for. I’m gonna put this in an oiled Bowl flip it over rub it around just oiled with vegetable oil.I’m going to wrap this up in plastic wrap and put it somewhere warm to rise for about an hour or so or until it is doubled inside and I’ll show you it looks like with their this looks smells really good as well.I’m just going to put a little bit of flour on my surface.I also have a 9 by 5 inch loaf pan that.I have just sprayed with some nonstick spray get this out of here.I’m just going to threaten that with my hands.I don’t want to work this too much because, I don’t want to end up with a really tough bread and then.


What,I do is that you just kind of roll it like so and then.you want to make sure that you pinch.I just kind of tuck things in and pinch and that’ll be the bottom that’s just gorgeous okay now this is going to go into your pan.I’m going to cover this again with a seam wrap.I’m just going to loosely cover it and I’m going to place it.somewhere warm once more to rise you want this to come to about the top of the loaf pan it’ll take about an hour so,depending on how warm the environment you have this in is so let this rest let it rise and then.we’ll get it ready to go in the oven my bread has domed up really beautifully now.what I’ve done is I’ve taking a little bit of honey and put it in this container popped it in the microwave just for like 20 seconds so,it’s really nice and runny we just want to brush the top with this this point you want to make sure your oven is preheated to 350. just going to take some of this runny honey and just gently brush the tops of the top of the bread with it.


I’m just going to take some of my oats and I’m gonna sprinkled in own tab because.I want to be able to see the oats right away like.I want to be able to see that this is my honey and oat loaf of bread pop this into the oven 35 to 45 minutes or until it’s a beautiful golden brown color and when you tap it on top of it it should sound really hollow that’s. when you know it’s done if it’s getting too dark too quickly tent it with foil and you’re good to go my bread baked for 45 minutes and after 30 minutes. I covered it with some aluminum foil because.I was just getting too much color too quickly and it is perfect now if,you want you know like a really sort of puffed out Brett if,you wanted to be much higher you would use a smaller pan I use a nine by five because I want to get smaller slices.


I’ve got something in mind with this bread in which I don’t want to use too big of a slice with but it is just absolutely perfect every single time I’m going to cut a couple slices it’s still warm you really should let the bread cool completely but you know I break the rules come on now don’t we know this already.I mean it is just it’s just perfection and we look at that it is soft aw it smells incredible it’s actually it’s not warm it’s really really hot and if once it cools a bit more it’ll be a lot easier to eat.