Homemade Summer Rolls Recipe

Prepare time: 45 mins
Cook: 45 mins
Ready in:  1 hr 30 mins

I’m Going To Share With You How I Make My Summer Rolls Recipe.


  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Some Bell Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Chopped Mint
  • Cilantro
  • Grated Ginger
  • Carrots
  • Some Green Onion
  • Cooked Rice Noodles
  • Garlic
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Soy Sauce
  • Some Fresh
  • Lime Juice



I’ve got cucumbers and some bell peppers that I’ve cut into like little long strips. I’ve got chopped mint and cilantro should have carrots some green onions I also have some cooked rice noodles thin rice noodles that I’ve drained well I’ll talk about these in a minute grated ginger and garlic some rice vinegar I’ve got some soy sauce which you could use fish sauce vegetable oil or canola oil which is what I’m using a pinch of sugar and some lime juice and you also need some rice paper which is back there we’ll need them in just a few minutes we’re going to get everything started first I did all my prep ahead of time otherwise we’d be here prepping together which I wanted to save on time what I did here is I just took some rice noodles and I cooked them according to package instructions these are just thin rice noodles and I boiled in boiling water for about three minutes.


I drained them and I rinse them under cold water and squeeze out any of the excess liquid and then here we just prepped all my veggies you can use any veggies you like you can use snow peas in this you can use anything that you’d like these are just happen to be my favorite combination so we’re going to get right to it in my little jug they’re a little measuring cup I’m going to add in my rice vinegar I’m going to add in my grated ginger and my garlic this is like the same dressing.I use for my soba noodle salad.I just absolutely love this dressing you can use it as addressing or you could use it as a dipping sauce and it is just so good it’s very flavorful yet very bright and it’s not too heavy which I prefer and that’s just what I like I’m also going to add a squeeze of lime I want about a tablespoon of lime juice in here which is going to end up being this whole line because these liners are just not that juicy and I did pop them in the microwave for a few seconds too but you know sometimes you get some citrus that is just not as juicy as you’d like it to be but that is quite alright.


I’m going to add my cooked rice noodles to my big bowl whisk together my dressing I’m going to pour this over and then.I’m just going to take two big wooden Forks or regular Forks whatever you got and mix everything together to combine and then.I’m going to let the sit for about ten minutes just other flavors can marry and get to know each other and soak up into the rice noodles and you can see how colorful and beautiful you can smell the dressing immediately but you can see that it’s not so much dressing that it’s pulling up at the bottom of the bowl because I want this to be really light and they don’t want to say healthy but I want them to be light and crisp and perfect for a warm summer day whether it’s lunch or dinner which I tend to make these a lot for lunch and I like to keep them on hand in the fridge cupboard.


What I do when I cover these is I put them in a tight container but then right before.I put the lid on the container.I take a wet piece of paper towel or a damp piece of paper towel and put it on top of it so it keeps them from going really dry.I’m going to set that aside for a few minutes clean up and then.we’ll get going or wrapping them up that is gorgeous and I have tasted this and you can really taste the dressing and seeped into the noodles really well so it’s so good now what I have here is a shallow bowl that I filled with hot water and I’ve got my rice paper sheets here then I have a cutting board and on top of the cutting board I have a damp lint-free kitchen towel make sure your kitchen towel is clean and I just ran it under warm water and then.


We bring out all the excess like excess water because what this does is it helped if,I were to just put this directly on my cutting it sticks and somehow it doesn’t stick and it really helps when you do it on top of a damp kitchen towel so this is how easy this is you take your rice paper and you dip it in water and I just flip it around and then once it starts to get really really soft and feels almost jelly like then it’s done that is done you can see that’s really translucent and then you lay it flat make sure that you kind of flatten this out because it is very very fragile and then all you do is you take some of your filling and the rice noodles will tear as you do this and that’s fine take some of those you can do you can add more rice noodles rather than fewer you know the world is your pickle here and then I just take my finger and I rinse it right in the hot water it does not matter it’s perfectly fine and then you take this and you wrap it like you would well.


I do it this way anyway like I would a burrito and then you just wrap nice and tight just like so and place that on a platter now I’m not perfect at it by no means am i a professional at this this is just what works for me and I don’t cut them until I need to until we are ready to serve so,I’m just going to keep on rolling until pretty much all done I ended up getting around ten summer rolls out of my mixture now this is going to vary depending on how much you fill them you can end up with more if you fill them not as generous as I did or you can make it can it’s completely up to the world is your pic on my friend now you can serve these as is which is what I do or you can make a little bit more of the dressing and we toss everything in you can make a bit more of it and use that as a dipping sauce maybe put a nice chili in there really finely chopped. I think these are perfectly fine as.


I’m going to cut into it now so that you can see what they look like that is perfect for me if, you do watch our and you’ll know I’m quite the summer roll thief if,you know what I’m talking about two thumbs up for you these are easy and simple but I love them hmm just lovely really fresh really crunching loads of really lovely flavor from the dressing everything just kind of complement each other really really well.