Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Ready in: 20 min

Today I’m gonna show you guys how I make Homemade Cranberry Sauce.


  • Some fresh orange juice
  • Some pomegranate juice
  • Cranberry juice or water
  • Some sugar
  • Cranberry sauce


1All right we got to start with some fresh orange juice just go ahead and juice those oranges make sure you use fresh orange juice on your sister bras like this make it fresh it’s really simple and easy. I’m also going to use some pomegranate juice you can also use cranberry juice or water but if you use water boo boring.

2Ok now I have some cranberries here just fresh cranberries make sure you fresh cranberries. it’s gonna place these cranberries into my skillet just like that okay beautiful and now we’re going to add in some sugar I like my cranberry sauce to be more tart than sweet but if you like yours other way around go ahead and add some more sugar and it won’t hurt okay. i am going to pour it in that pomegranate juice are like I said you can also use cranberries juice or water but maybe just use
a juice okay don’t use water okay.

3Now add in some of that fresh orange juice and then we’re going to heat this up you’re going to heat it on. I have my heat on medium okay gonna stir that up and let the sugars dissolve okay just like that. All right now we go with this simmer just until the cranberries pop this is your first time making or having homemade cranberry sauce.

4All right so this is nice and simmering. Just until the cranberries pop a little bit okay just gonna release a lot of juice and now this is perfect this is a texture that I go for most of that liquid is nice and dissolved. It’s going to get a lot thicker than this once it has a time to like set up or whatever and cool off so go ahead and pull it from the heat when it’s like that as you can see it’s already starting to thicken up just from sitting here while I get the bowl to put it in. So go ahead and pour this into your serving dish or a bow pop it into the fridge. I like to let it sit in the fridge for a day or two because it’s so much better the next day and that is it homemade cranberry sauce.