Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Prepare time: 15 min
Cook: 10 min
Ready in: 25 min

Today I’m Going To Show You How To Make Healthy Sugar Nuggets.


  • 500 Grams Of Chicken
  • 2 Eggs
  • 150 Grams Of Breadcrumbs
  • A Teaspoon Of Garlic
  • Half A Teaspoon Of Paprika
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt
  • 25 Grams Of Parmesan Cheese
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Flour


1Let’s start with 500 grams of chicken and we’re going to dice those up into nice mouth size chunks now just to take note I am using wooden chopping board I recommend you use a plastic one because that way you have got any sort of like risk of cross-contamination dice up chicken check washed hands check and then we’re going to start putting it together so you just need some flour 2 eggs, 150 grams of breadcrumbs now I’ve used panko breadcrumbs because they’re more crunchy and they go a bit more golden than your normal breadcrumbs.

2But use whatever you’ve got as long as it’s bread faced two eggs in there I’m going to whisk those up and then into your breadcrumbs you’re going to put a teaspoon of garlic granules half a teaspoon of paprika please note these are all optional. So if you’re really not in that frame of mind don’t worry about it big generous pinch of black pepper big generous pinch of salt at about 25 grams of Parmesan cheese yeah it goes a good stir around.

3Then we’re gonna start putting together so get yourself ready get your oven on get yourself a pan fill it with two tablespoons of vegetable oil and then you’re going to take your chicken. You’re going to dip it in flour you are going to shake it off shake it up shake it up then you’re gonna put it in the egg you’re gonna shake it off again then you can dunk it in your breadcrumbs swirl it around get it nice and coated and then this is going to go into our nicely oiled pan.

4That goes in there and just keep it going you do want to make sure that your chicken pieces are relatively the same size because obviously you want them all to be cooking at the same speed and when it’s chicken you’ve got to be careful those are going to go into the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes until they’re nicely golden before it goes in.

5I’m just going to finish off with a little bit more oil just on top only a slight drizzle that way we can just make sure it gets really crispy all over.Then we go try and turn them over halfway as well just to make sure they’re nice and golden.