Hawaiian Kalua Pork Recipe

Prepare time: 20 min
Cook: 18 hr
Ready in: 18 hr 20 min

We’re Doing Hawaiian Style Kalua Pork.


  • Tea Leaves
  • Banana Leaves
  • Alia Sea Salt


1So stick around alright so to begin our kalua pork here I got very simple ingredients and believe it or not it was pretty easy to find I got a tea leaves this is ti these are Hawaiian plants we got banana leaves. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to cut the stems off the the tea leaves I’m going to lay down a layer of banana leaves and then I’m going to go ahead and lay down a layer of tea leave and you’ll notice that one side is dull and the other side’s shiny I’m going to leave a shiny side up.

2I’m just going to do about I think just two I’ve got six pieces here so I’m going to do two and then I’m gonna lay my pork right on top of that and this is just a basic bone-in pork but I’m going to go ahead and slice this and then what I have here is called alia sea salt and it’s basically Hawaiian sea salt that’s been cured with clay it’s a red clay it adds a good mineral flavor to it I this is what’s been used on clue apart. So I’m going to go ahead and sprinkle this on.

3We’ll make sure we get inside the you know the crevices of these these slices on the port our next step here and it’s totally optional I am going to add a little bit of liquid smoke just gives it that smoky flavor that it’s not going to get from the grill because this is going to be totally covered and again you know most some recipes don’t call for but a lot of recipes that I do see and a lot of places that I did visit Hawaii did use a little bit of liquid smoke.

4Now we’re going to go ahead and cover the pork with the rest of the tea leaves again shiny side down then we’re going to go ahead and roll this into the banana leaves all right so we got her we got our pork covered in the tea leaves in the banana leaves right now it’s really loosely covered with some of the banana leaves so what I’m going to do is I’m going to use a little bit of butcher string and I’m going to tie this up pretty tightly all right so I got this tied up pretty as tight as I can you know the banana leaves a little delicate.

5But I’m going to go ahead and wrap this in foil at this point this will help hold it all together and help it steam all right so for this cook I’m going to be using my grill dome comb Auto grill normally kalua pork would be cooked. I’m going to go ahead and get my pro in there and we’re going to cruise this thing about 350 for about I don’t know five or six hours we’ll keep an eye on the temp we’re going to pull it just like pulled pork you know 205 you know around 195 to 205 range for this cook.

6I’m going to be using the tap of Q I picked this up a while ago. Here our porks reached 200 degrees internal temp it’s a good time to pull it off so let’s go ahead and get it off what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and transfer it to a hotel pan here and I’m going to get it in my can bro now you can always just stick this in a cooler with a bunch of towels or blankets or whatever we’re going to let this chill out for about an hour.
So all right so here’s our clue a pork that’s been resting for about an hour and a half total cook time is about five hours.

7It smells awesome right now so let’s go ahead and open this thing up Wow let’s go ahead and get the phone out let me go ahead and get this transferred over to a pan so we can start shredding all right let’s start shredding this thing apart all right so here you have it Hawaiian style kalua pork it’s as traditional as I can get it with the tea leaves and the banana leaves and I tell you it smells incredible let’s go ahead and give this a taste Wow this reminds me of Hawaii that Hawaiian sea salt really comes in you get a little touch of that liquid smoke but you get that perfume of the banana leaves and those tea leaves that are that it’s steamed inside that pack and those flavors really come true all.