Hey friends it’s Emily Lewis and i’m going to show you how to make some amazing gumbo.


1I’m going to start off with chicken in pan. I’m going to pour in some vegetable oil. I turned the heat up to medium and now I’m going to start adding chicken into pan. The cut of chicken or piece of chicken that I’m using is thigh is boneless and skinless and I’m also going to season this chicken using some poultry seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

2I’m now going to Brown each side of the chicken and once each side is nicely browned. I’m going to pour in a little bit of chicken broth. I’m going to grab lid to pan and I want to make sure I cook the chicken through outer one and completely done and once it is done I’m going to remove it from this pan. so we’re going to leave the oil in there but all of that other Brown stuff you can take that out of the pan.

3I have some onions, I have bell pepper and celery. I’ll be using a couple cloves of garlic and I love Tomatoes. I will be using some diced tomatoes but if you don’t like tomatoes you can leave them out and that goes for okra as well. if you don’t like okra you can leave it out but I love okra and also going to need some bay leaves. so I’m going to be using my dry bay leaves.

4I’m going to chop up all vegetables, you can cut them as small or leave them as big as you want, it’s up to you and now I’m going to head back over to stove. As I mentioned earlier. I left the oil in there. I’m going to start tossing in bell peppers onions and celery.

5I’m going to cook these vegetables until they’re nice and translucent and when I get to like two minutes into cooking I’m going to start adding ingarlic. so once everything is nicely cooked. we’ll turn the heat off and now we’re just going to chop up the chicken.

6And now we need to work on the most consuming part and that is the roof. Now I make rule a little thinner than others but it always comes out fabulous. let me tell you how I do it I start off by pouring in my vegetable oil I’m using my Dutch oven. you can use a regular a pound. if you want a regular pot and I’m going to start sprinkling in a little bit of all-purpose flour in at a time.

7Once it reaches a nice peanut butter brown color. I know I’m good to go and that takes me about 30 minutes or so to reach color. so now I’m going to grab some chicken broth and I’m going to start pouring the chicken broth in there but do it slowly and now we are ready to start adding in some ingredients.

8So we’re going to add in our vegetables that we cooked earlier you know the celery peppers onions and garlic give everything a nice stir and Now we’re going to start adding in our chicken. once the chickens in there of course I’m going to give everything a nice stir again. I love to make sure that all of my ingredients are well incorporated.

9And then I’m going to work on my sausage now I’m using chicken andouie sausage I love it it is a little on the spicy side. but if you have a different preference, obviously I’m using Trader Joe’s you can use a different andouie sausage. if you don’t want spicy sausage. you can use regular smoked beef sausage or smoked turkey sausage it really depends on you.

10So now I’m going to start adding and my seasonings. I’m going to add some black pepper seasoning salt if you don’t want to use seasoning salt you can use Cajun seasoning and now let’s toss in our bay leaves. once the bay Leafs are in there I’m going to add in my tomatoes. you know my love for tomatoes and we want to give everything a nice stir and then I’m going to cover my Dutch oven with the lid and let it cook for about 20 minutes.

11After that 20 minutes I’m ready to start adding in my okra. Again if you do not like okra you can leave it on out and Now I’m going to add my secret ingredient which isn’t a secret ingredient anymore it’s dried shrimp. I love the dry shrimp because it brings your gumbo up a couple notches or a lot of notches actually adds so much flavor. I love it.

12If it’s hard for you to find it check out your local Asian market seem to always have it there and dry shrimp is just what it sounds like. it’s just shrimp that is be hydrated again it adds a lot of flavor. so we let that cook for 20 minutes after adding in the dried shrimp and I’m going to add in my crab.

13I’m using Alaskan king crab if you have a different preference of crab you can do so. This crap is a little more expensive than the other crabs. so if you’re on the budget I would suggest using maybe a crab claws those are always cheaper. so we’ll let this cook for about 20 minutes and then we’re going to start adding in our shrimp.

14I’m using large shrimp, I can’t remember the count but it is peeled and divined and once the shrimp is in there, I’m going to reduce my heat from medium to low. so it’s been on medium this whole time by the way. so now we’re going to sprinkle in a couple teaspoons of gumbo filet and then you’re going to need to give everything a nice stir make sure it’s all combined throughout, well incorporated and all that other good stuff.

15Let it sit for a couple of minutes and now we’re ready to serve now I like to serve my gumbo with steamed rice and crumb bread but that’s just my thing what do you have to serve your gumbo with leave it down below in the comment box.

16Now I’m going to pour the gumbo all around the rice and I love adding lots of crab shrimp. Actually you know I like to add in a lot of everything. so let me not go down the list. so just add that gumbo all around the rice and we are ready to serve. I’m just gonna add a little bit of color by sprinkling on some parsley flakes because you know that’s how I get down and Now we are rated again.