Grilled Veggie Panini Recipe

Prepare time: 20 mins
Cook time: 10 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
How To Make A Grilled Veggie Panini.


  • Some Fresh Veggies
  • Zucchini Mushrooms Eggplant
  • Roasted Bell Peppers
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Some Basil Pesto
  • Some Balsamic Vinegar
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Grilled Veggie Panini
  • Some Regular Mushrooms
  • Some Portobello Mushrooms
  • Yellow Squash Asparagus
  • Little Bit Of Basil Pesto



Let me take you over the ingredients so you can get started you’re going to need some fresh veggies and I’m using zucchini mushrooms eggplant, as roasted bell peppers, fresh mozzarella some basil pesto you need some good quality bread some balsamic vinegar extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper. So what this is exactly what I said it’s a grilled veggie panini. It’s easy, it’s delicious and I absolutely adore it. I make different versions of it. All the time based on what I have on hand or what looks good that day you know for me. Today I had some regular mushrooms on hand. So I just have those and I’m using those but if I were to go to a store. I’ll pick up some portobello mushrooms, yellow squash asparagus. I mean you name it feel free to use any kind of cheese. You want whatever you want that’s the beauty of cooking remember that you’re your own boss. So to get started you want to get a grill pan preheating over about medium-high heat. I want that preheat. I’m going to just drizzle my veggies here with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. Now for the roasted peppers you can buy them in a jar at the supermarket how to make roasted bell peppers. I use that method all the time. But if you’re buying the jar kind or even.


So now I’m just going to put my veggies on and let them cook for depending I mean three to four minutes on each side two to three minutes. On each side it depends on how thick your veggies are how hot your grill is. So I’m just going to put these on here let those cook I’m gonna flip them once they’ve gotten a good amount of color whoops and grow more and and my mushrooms window done. Because I have no room for them. Now I’m gonna make this in my panini press because my hubby got me a printing press. I’m so excited to try it out and use it. So I’m going to get that preheating while these cooks when these are done. I’m gonna remove them to a plate and put my mushrooms on I cook something back through the same way for a few minutes on each side. You want to sort of have real marks and they’ve cooked down enough. I just took my veggies off the grill, that grill for a couple minutes on each side. Now I’m gonna go on to the bread. I’m using a wonderful loaf of sourdough bread and this happens to be the garlic rosemary. So it’s just beautiful and I love sourdough bread. I have to tell you. It’s something that to be honest.


I’m going to spread it on just one side of the bread that looks great next. I’m going to take just a few pieces of mozzarella and this is going to be our bottom layer and the mozzarella acts like glue that’s really what it does. So I want to season the mozzarella a little bit because finding good quality mozzarella where I live is nearly impossible. So the stuff that I’m able to get my hands on doesn’t have that much flavor. So always season it just to bring out the flavor in the mozzarella. So now you’re going to just layer on your veggies and you can do this however you want and you can cut them and rip them just to kind of fit the bread. I don’t want this to be like super thick but I do want them to be you know reasonably thick enough. I like a lot of veggies. But you can put whatever you want and last of my mushrooms and then some roasted bell pepper. Now like I said you can buy them at the store in a jar or you can make them yourself either way make sure you just Pat them dry a little bit. So that you get rid of a lot of the moisture that makes them a little bit too wet inside it makes the bread soggy and let’s see I can fit another little piece over here great.


So now I’m going to top this with a couple more pieces of mozzarella only because like I said this kind of acts like the glue that keeps the sandwich together and you can cut it to fit. You can stretch it you can do whatever your heart’s desires. There we go whoops season the very top of your  mozzarella lid goes on press it down a tad. Now I’m going to drizzle each side of the bread with a little bit of olive oil just to get it nicely browned and then this is going to be the bottom side. So I can oil the top side. Once it’s on here and now one by one. Whoops I can get this I’m gonna put this on my panini maker whoops YUM. I’m just going to drizzle a little bit of oil on the side. Put the lid on mmm I can’t wait thank you Joe vitality from my lovely panini press. Now one that’s done. I’m going to the second one and I’ll show you how it looks like once it’s there young malicious that looks amazing that’s going on my personal cutting board. I was gonna call it a plate but I don’t technically have a plate in front of me.


But I you know I got to cut into it just to show you what it looks like I have my first one done and sitting there look at this yeah. Please you’re delicious and you smell wonderful. I’m gonna marry the sandwich. I’m going to just give it a second because it is really really hot and I love this panini press it’s amazing but of course if you don’t have one don’t go out and rush and buy one you can make this on your grill pan and just put something heavy on top of it just to kind of weigh down. So you can get that crisp enos and then just flip it or you can cook it however your cookie grilled cheese. You can do this however you want you don’t even have to toast the bread. If you don’t want to but it is really good to do that mmm delicious. So glug mmm super hearty that sourdough bread that’s infused with the rosemary and garlic is outrageously good mixed with the pesto this is a wonderful sandwich.