How to Make Grill Pizza

You’re Making Grilled Pizza.


  • Sun Gold Tomatoes
  • Fresh Basil
  • Caramelize Onions
  • Little Bacon Bits
  • Little Bit Of Olive Oil
  • Mozzarella
  • San Marzano Tomatoes
  • Sea Salt
  • Little Pesto
  • Red Chilli Flakes



You’ve got your dough we’re gonna cut it in half.I bought this at the grocery store and then you want to stretch this just kind of let gravity do the work to a 12 to 14 inch crust always cuz it ends up looking like some funny continent. When I do it we are not throwing the pizza on the grill. We’re throwing the pizza on a pizza stone just like. You would in your oven you put that over the charcoal get it ripping hot and when you’re ready to grill you just take the dough and you throw it directly on there it’s not perfect. We’re gonna have kind of an oblong shaped pizza it’s all right the dough is literally a blank canvas you can kind of put anything you want on there get these beautiful Sun gold Tomatoes, fresh basil. You can caramelize onions.


You can crisp up little bacon bits to make a white pie with ricotta and mozzarella now a little bit of olive oil on there hand crushed san marzano tomatoes really that simple just take them. you don’t want a lot you don’t want that cook down long cook tomato sauce a little bit of sea salt. I’m going to throw on some fresh mozzarella.we’re gonna throw in a little pesto while. we’re here why not a little bit of that it’s beautiful all right we’re gonna let our oblong pizza bake for about seven minutes or so, I know that it’s tempting to look in there and peek but you want that little sort of outdoor oven to get as hot as possible five to six hundred degrees basil. We’re gonna shipping out this or I’ll roll up a bunch of leaves into a little cigar slice that alright let’s check this guy looking nice get under there transferring it to our cutting board some red chili flakes a little bit of olive oil a little bit of salt on top you want a little Parmesan cheese. why not throw some of that on there never a bad move and finally some fresh basil all right and there you guys go a fast and easy grilled pizza.