How-To - Make a Beef Flank with Smoked Beef Fat Vinaigrette

Prep in: 15 min
Ready in: 3 hrs

Today,We’re Going To Make Beef flank With Smoked Beef Fat vinaigrette.


  • 3 Beef Flank
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Italian Parsley
  • Lemons Peeled
  • Shallots Minced Beef
  • Onion
  • Olive Oil



I’m going to cook you a flank steak with rendered smoked beef fat vinaigrette. we’ve got some Rangers value marbled score 3 beef flank here marbled score.just refers to the juiciness and tenderness of the steak this is a marbled score 3 it goes up to 12 but this will still be delicious cut of meat. we’ve got some Italian parsley here.we have a couple of lemons peeled a shallots minced beef fat and just some salt and pepper to start. we’re gonna smoke this beef fat. I’ve got about almost 600 grams here.we’re gonna come blowed up into this tray just so, it’s got more surface area. I’m just going to put some coals that. I have if, you’ve got guests at home. I probably wouldn’t recommend putting them in your kitchen the best thing to do go to the barbecue store and get one of those stackable charcoal things it’s like a looks like a big beer put the coals in there and then light it up the fire lighters first.


We’re just gonna grab a couple of these guys be careful don’t burn yourself and just put them in the woodchips cover it up a little bit. you want to
smoke eat but you don’t want to taste like an ashtray okay so, now just cover up the chips with the lid maybe half an hour to an hour’s they’re smoking away. you just got to keep checking it while that’s smoking. we’re going to dice the Shesha lots but there’s a good little tip to get nice square little can see the the lines on the onion they sort of go around this sort of shape. I’m just going to cut just into it not to theĀ  root of the onion because. I want to all to hold together and then.I’m going to cut it again maybe just try and do two or three times once more at the top and then. I’m just going to cut down going along the onion and then just going to chop that along they’re not fine enough.


You’ve got some little chunky monkeys like that. we can just run the knife through them probably a few to do it a restaurants a little bit around
upon ice well then find the only anymore it seems a bit silly now that shallots are done. let’s run over here to the barbecue and just check if,the the chips are still smoking your way if, you need to you can push the chips back on top of the coals again if, it kind of looks like it’s slowing down we can give it a little blow there’s no there’s no air in there crying it’s hectic it’s smoking again give a little blood low it’s ripping along cover that back up. I’m going to chop some parsley give it a little wash under the water just to make sure there’s no grits or flames and under there let’s give it a little tap it tap tap there’s no real set amount.


I’m just going to pick the parsley off the off the stalks. we’re just gonna give it a bit of a chop. you can go as fine or as course with this as if,you want to alright so, Pasi initializer chopped it’s been our in the smoker for the for the beef fat so, we’re going to go over and grab it out now.we’re just going to move the beef fat over to a pot just to render it out after the skin smoking. I’m just going to put it onto the stove top this is on really low yeah that that’s fire this is starting to get a little bit like liquid that’s all the beef fat so, now while this is rendering. I’m going to move all my coals over to the barbecue make it nice and hot so,we can cook the flank steak on it this is so, hard so the flank steak. I’m just going to season it with a little bit of oil now this is just a blend of canola and olive oil. let’s put a little bit on and just rub it over the meat now.


You don’t want too much if, you put too much it’s going to taste like okay bird salt go quite heavy on the salt all right so,just gonna put this flank steak on the barbie.some people were really opposed to floppity floppity. I’m going to keep turning it and turning it and turning it it’s kind of like a rotisserie so,the bottom side now is getting all the heat Pat it on that side for about 20 seconds if, it’s getting too out of control don’t leave it on there and hope for the best you can pull it off.I can walk around with this and these gonna happen.I like shakes quite bloody but this guy’s probably going to be a little bit tough if.I do cook at that low so,probably medium rare and medium is probably a better way to go all right so. I pulled this flank steak off give it a bit of a rest. I’ll just let it chill out there for for maybe another 6 minutes all right so, it’s been 6 minutes for the for the flank resting. I’m just going to cut it into strips just straight across. you can see this end it is quite rare in the middle for then down here it’s pretty sort of medium.

5You can eat it down there all right now the flank steaks cooked.we’ll grab the rendered beef fat so, you can see it’s all melted we’re just going to put that into a another little pot just for the sieve for sort of heat spoonfuls of the of the chopped shallots two of these big spoonfuls of chopped parsley a teaspoon of salt probably the same again of black part lemon juice to three parts rendered beef fat give a little stir.I’m gonna give this a little taste to make sure.I’m going to taste pretty good so,I’m going to dress this on the steak now oh it’s that’s the grilled flank steak with smoked beef fat vinaigrette.