Bacon Wrapped Grilled Shrimp Recipe

Prepare time: 25 min
Cook: 24 min
Ready in: 49 min

Today I’m going to show you how I do Bacon-Wrapped shrimp on the grill.


  • Sweet And Spicy Africa Glaze
  • Sauce
  • 13 15 Count Shrimp Per Pound
  • Uncooked Bacon
  • Some Cheese
  • Crabmeat
  • Spices
  • Green Onion
  • Some Fresh Garlic
  • Tablespoon Of Sriracha Sauce
  • Cream Cheese
  • Chicken Racks
  • Sweet And Spicy Apricot
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Some Garlic Chilli Sauce
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Brown Cheese Cream
  • Crab Cream Cheese


1I’ve got a sweet and spicy Africa glaze it’s going to go on at the end it’s also going to be a really great dipping sauce. one will be great for it let’s get to cook it so the shrimp. we’re using today for this recipe came from my local grocery store they were froze there were like 13 15 count shrimp per pound so that’s really big shrimp they had the shell on so you know I brought them home.

2Let them thaw out and then I peeled the shell but I wanted to leave the bottom part where the tail is still attached it gives us something to hold on to it’s going to be kind of our fork for this recipe now I want to take a sharp knife and just kind of make a shallow cut and butterfly that shrimp open you want to be careful and not cut all the way through it it’s going.

3Let us stuff it later on now this recipe is going to cook fast on the grill because it doesn’t take shrimp long so we can’t put uncooked bacon on there you want to go ahead and pre cook it a little bit it’s real simple just line up sheet pan with foil lay the bacon out on it pop it in your oven on about 400 degrees for 10 minutes it’ll still be nice and soft but it’ll go ahead and cook it most of the way through this is going to help it Brown up when we get it on the grill so now that we have all that prep work out of the way.

4I’m using my PK 360 today and I’m setting it up for a two zone fire so first we need a charcoal chimney full of hot coals just using some good Royal Oaks chefs select charcoal and a couple of whack starter cubes to get the fire going it’ll take about 15 minutes now for the twos on fire we want to spread coal out on each side of the PK grill and if you’re cooking along on another grill you can do the exact same thing.

5we’re just creating a void space in the middle that’s where we’re going to cook our heats going to come from the sides and it’s going to radiate all over the grill that’s what’s creating that two zone cooking so get the lid closed on the grill and let it come up to 375 400 range it’s going to be good indirect heat this will be perfect for grilling off these bacon-wrapped shrimp.

6Now I want to mix up the stuffing for these shrimp that we’re going to grill today and I’m using some and cheese that I’ve just let come to room temperature to make them extra-special got some good lump crabmeat you need about four ounces of crabmeat in there they’re going to add some green onion some fresh garlic.

7You know I got to have a little bit of heat so I’m adding about a tablespoon of sriracha sauce it’s going to give it spice to give it color it’s going to bring all these flavors together you just want to use a fork stir it and combined it’s really easy if the cream cheese has come up to room temperature it’s real soft so now we’re ready to assemble this bacon-wrapped shrimp.

8I’ve got a couple of my small cooling racks I call them chicken racks and I just want to get some cooking spray on them so the shrimp don’t stick this is what we’re going to cook them on so we don’t have to flip them around too much so you just want to take our shrimp that we butterfly put a little bit of that cream cheese and crab mixture.

9we spiced up should look just like that I’m going to take a piece of our bacon precooked a little bit so it’s still flexible it’s going to brown up real nice on the grill we’re just going to wrap it right over it place it right on a rack all right so we’ve got all our shrimps stuffed with that cream cheese and crab mixture.

10we’ve got them wrapped in our bacon on our racks now we’re ready to go on the grill so let’s just carry them over to the grill all right our peak a 360 is good and hot we’re ready to get these shrimp on the grill and I’m just going to set our rack right on the grate it’s going to give us room to set both of them shrimp will be looking good and since we’ve already precooked our bacon.

11We’re only going to need a few minutes it doesn’t take shrimp long to cook it all on a grill we’re just going to keep an eye on them the Bacon’s going to start to brown up and we said that shrimp start to turn kind of opaque whitish pink color that’s when we’re going to want to get our glaze on go get our glaze mixed up warmed up a little bit be ready to brush it on in just a few minutes keep watching now for my sweet and spicy apricot glaze I started with some apricot preserves about half a cup of water some rice vinegar.

12I had to get some garlic chili sauce in there to really give it some good flavor some spice put a little bit of fresh chopped garlic in there and then we just put reduced it down until it just became this thick sauce I kind of divided it in half I want to start part of it with a dipping sauce but we’re going to brush the rest right over the shrimp as it’s on the grill all right our shrimps been cooking about eight minutes now we want to get that sweet and spicy apricot glaze on it vacants looking good you can see how the tails are starting to get real pink I tell I know it’s starting to get done.

13I just want to brush on some of this sweet and spicy glaze and these look amazing I can’t wait to try one I’ll go there let it bake until Brown cream cheese filling staying right inside sweet and spicy sauces and just tie it all together all right that’s what I call glai he’s bacon-wrapped shrimp right there those look awesome not quite done I want to let this clay set for just a few minutes it’s not going to take long you know two minutes tops.

14we don’t want the shrimp to overcook so just close the lid let it sit there going to get them off get them over to the cut boards I can’t wait to try one all right two quick minutes all that glaze needed to set we’re going to be ready to get these shrimp off where’s some heat-resistant gloves please so they’re going to get hot – check that out that is beautiful bacon-wrapped crab cream cheese sweet-and-sour apricot glaze guy doesn’t say good tailgate.

15I don’t know what does I can’t wait to try one let’s get them over to the cutting board all right so I’ve got all these bacon-wrapped shrimp platter DUP here serving them with that remaining apricot glaze gonna be an awesome dipping sauce and this recipe was really easy real quick what we did we started with some 1315 large jumbo shrimp cut the peel off of a butterfly open a little bit we pre cooked our bacon that way we Brown up real nice we mixed up that cream cheese crabmeat little sriracha a course you had to some garlic and green onion in it.

16Got that stirred up ahead of time stuff those shrimp wrap them got them on our racks to make it easy to grill get back and forth spray the rack down so that bacon doesn’t stick and get it on a hot grill pique 360 did its job with a indirect heat fire on each end of the grill void in the center dye said empty space where we were cooking let’s that he’d come around and really cook the shrimp in the bacon.It’s a fast cook eight minutes tops glazed it with that sweet and spicy like glaze and then we served.