Yardbird's Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

How To Make Fried Chicken Recipe.


  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Paprika Chili Powder
  • A Little Garlic
  • Little Onion Powder
  • Some Pepper
  • Ice Water
  • Chicken



We’re going to start with sugar and we’re just gonna stir this in and warm it up it’s almost equal parts sugar and salt. Okay the whole point of this brine is not only to flavor it. I mean we’re gonna throw all these spices in that was a paprika chili powder, a little garlic, little onion powder. Okay and last
but not least throw it on in some pepper so to cool it off. I’m just going to pour it real quickly right into this ice water. Here we’re just going to pour this right over our chicken so immediately after you do this right. We’re gonna put it really nice in the fridge for a day 27 hours of what we do at the restaurant awesome.


So, we’ve spent a night in the kitchen yeah the 27-hour brine. It’s not only is it got the juice inside it’s got the flavor. It’s soft in the meat a little
bit okay and then next we so we the brine. Now we go into our seat wow so very similar to what we did earlier a little onion, little garlic powder almost
exact same ingredients as the brine zephyr. There’s no water we have flour. Now all right so now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take some these pieces of chicken here. We’re just gonna dredge them lightly. All right chef so we brined our chicken. We’ve dredged our chicken. Now it’s time to actually cry, we’re gonna go in with this what you’ll see and you get that nice. Yes we wanted to see that if you don’t see that then.


You got a problem guys your oil is not hot enough. So chef it’s been about it’s been about six or seven minutes. Now the whole southern jedi coming out and he left it around. So in total we’ve had these bad boys down for about ten minutes. Now so we’re going to do is we’re going to pick out our smaller pieces .which are obviously their drumsticks and you’ve got that beautiful kind of golden brown that you were talking about it yeah a little pinch of salt and that’s
all you need making pride shake it at home in a cast-iron skillet not that hard no very simple and this is restaurant worthy fried chicken absolutely better than restaurants.