Fried Green Tomatoes recipe

Ready in: 20 min

Today I’m going to make a summertime southern classic and one of my favorite recipes fried green tomatoes so let’s get started.


  • Two tomatoes
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Two large eggs
  • Half a cup of milk
  • Cornmeal
  • Green tomato
  • Hot sauce


1We’re starting off with two tomatoes that I picked out of the garden this morning and I’m going to cut into about quarter inch slices. You can cut them as thin or thick as you like.

2Now I’m going to season all-purpose flour with salt and pepper and then mix well – everything’s well incorporated. Now thoroughly coat each sliced tomato and set aside for about 10 minutes and now let’s finish up making the batter with two large eggs and a half a cup of milk and then give these good mix and now for the final layer I have cornmeal then I’m going to season only with black pepper and now mix well and for a full printable copy of this recipe and many more visit the wolf pit blog.

3Now take each slice of tomato that’s already been coated in flour and dip it into the egg. Now into the cornmeal and now into 350 degrees. After three minutes give them a flip, after six minutes total pull these out of the hot oil and put them on the cooling racks do not put them on paper towels otherwise they’ll be sucked and while they’re still hot give them a good sprinkling of salt and there you have fried green tomatoes. That’s all there is to serve it up with your favorite dipping sauce. I’m using ranch today. You can use hot sauce, you can use whatever you like.