Old Bay Calamari Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 20 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
We Gonna Make Old Bay Calamari Recipe.


  • Calamari Rings
  • Cherry Peppers
  • Vegetables Oil
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper



Some calamari rings of course now, I have little calamari rings and I did i’ll explain this to you in a minute and I’m just chop them myself into little
rings you can buy them already chopped like that now. What I have here are some pickled sliced, cherry peppers these are one of my favorite standby foods
because they are delicious on pretty much anything they give you a really spicy hot kick and I love them it’s making my mouth like water what I’ve done and what you need to do is that once you get them especially the calamari cut and all that you want to rinse them you put them on paper towel and then you take another piece of paper towel and you Pat them dry really really well you want the cherry peppers and the calamari really really dry so that it’ll splatter in the oil and i’ve got some vegetable oil you’re here preheating.I want this to get nice and hot and don’t worry if there’s a little bits of things in there.I
was frying something else earlier so we’re gonna use the same oil so, I’ve got that coming up to a really nice high temperature and now. I’m going to need some all-purpose flour and then.


I’ve got some Old Bay seasoning here Old Bay is my favorite seafood seasoning but you can use any seafood seasoning that you like this is just so happy. when we get here in the states that. we just love and it’s wonderful and you don’t even need any salt pepper for this recipe because there is plenty of salt and pepper in here so it’s gonna just just flavor this beautifully to my all-purpose flour. We went to a fabulous seafood place and of course. I’m a carrot fried calamari lover so.I ordered some fried calamari thinking it was just going to come standard way no plain old fried calamari. which I love but this was just spiced up with old bay and had these spicy fried cherry peppers running through it that pretty much blew my mind so of course.


I had to recreate it. I’ve been doing it ever since and we just love it around here. I don’t make these often because it really is something. you won’t stop eating that’s the truth so anyway. I am taking a few of my calamari and my cherry peppers and I do this in batches and I’ve got some oil getting it some vegetable oil get nice and hot into my pan don’t worry if, you look at their stuff in there. I was frying something earlier and I didn’t want to waste the oils. I’m going to do it in the same oil I’m going to drop those in I’m gonna do this a little bit at a time because I don’t want to drop the temperature of the oil.


So, I’m going to just cook these for a couple of minutes not even it took no time at all or until they get a beautiful golden brown color then get really
crispy. I’m gonna put them on a paper towel lined place and I’ll show you what I do when they’re all done oh these are really nice and crispy bring them right on that plate that. I’ve lined with paper towels smells really really good in here those cherry peppers.