How To Make Cabbage & Bacon

Prepare time: 15 mins
Cook: 1 hr
Ready in: 1 hr 15 mins

Today I’m Gonna Be Cooking Some Bacon Cabbage Pine Nuts.


  • Little Bit Of Olive Oil
  • Little Bit Of Pepper
  • Little Bit Of Garlic
  • Thick Sliced Bacon
  • Tomato Sauce



We need little bit of olive oil in there a little bit of pepper,little bit of turn the stove on a little olive oil I’m gonna work slice a little bit of this up too. I preferred thick thick sliced bacon so. I’ll just lower that a 10 that cook a little bit in there and that might as well chop up an onion too while. we’re at it but this is the kind of dish. You can throw anything in there. I’ve yet decided whether to use tomato sauce or apples. I never put both of them in there. I never used tomato sauce and apples it’s it’s either one or the other so, you know and so, your olive oil onions garlic cabbage for that matter it’s it’ know I think I need a shingle if, I could get all those ingredients together the only of olive oil and onions. I really don’t think.


You can go wrong you know we can throw the neighbor’s cat in there it’s gonna taste okay and Noah probably gonna get a lot of letters from Humane Society folks or Peter but but if, they’ve never tasted sauteed cat they don’t know what to miss him yes. I was going to throw all this in here too. I never measure. I just I just eyeball it all the time come over here turn this one on this puppy just spread that olive oil around a little bit these large pans they’re just the best and also you get a workout. I’m gonna put some more bacon in here cuz. I just do little see well clothes use a vat of garlic another good thing to have in the pantry. you have garlic onions olive oil once again you could cook a shingle but I’ll eat it and it’s just nothing better yeah it sort of store.some garlic in there for to which which one should.I throw it in into that one and here put Sabini Olli as the Italians call it pine nuts right in there well.


You just gonna taste it’s so good onions and bacon here that looks around.we got the cabbage going here.I think this part is done excuse me just a second oh boy that’s my problem sometimes. I’ll finish this pin for the cavity are done so, I should not do that this time so,that’s pretty much it. I mean if you if,you have a peek in there that’s the dish it’s great the way it is but. I’m gonna have the tomato sauce anyway in a bit yeah how it works science is a little bit of chunkiness to this. I don’t have a favorite brand of marinara sauce but that was very good. I don’t put the whole jar just enough to give it a know you can save it for another dish or another time it may not be that good looking but boy is that taste good if some pepper probably would be a bad idea. you don’t need any salt there’s enough in the bacon.I shouldn’t but you shouldn’t really put your fork in there so let’s make-believe this is the first time.


I dipped in there once again it’s a real good workout your work with these cast iron pins once. you taste this dish. you’re gonna become a cabbage fan and what is this is root beer see. I actually don’t drink beer but uh oh you want the heck.let’s go ahead just just as a taste no my favorite is that Irish whiskey called tell him ado let me grab my fork here.I better start wearing an apron so, here we go the bacon onion cabbage sauteed pepper was the only spice.we used oh man that’s so good.