French Crepes Recipe

Prepare time: 5 min
Cook: 15 min
Ready in: 20 min

Today, we’re gonna make french crepes.


  • 3 Eggs
  • 25 Grams Sugar
  • 5 Centimeter Of Cuban
  • Two Cups Of Full Cream Milk
  • 50 Gram Of Butter
  • 200 Grams Of Flour
  • Rum Whisk 50 Centiliters
  • Piece Of Potato


1We need three eggs 25 grams of sugar 5 centimeter of Cuban rum whisk 50 centiliters or two cups of full cream milk 50 gram of butter 200 grams of flour a container and a sieve so now let’s have a look how we make them the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take all the flour we’re gonna put it in the sieve all at once we want to have the flour nice and filtered second step you gonna take your whisk and you simply make a well in the middle you don’t add a pinch of salt it’s not in the ingredients because it’s really a pinch you can add all of your sugar at once then add your eggs on top in the Fontaine and when you’re done.

2You’re gonna start breaking the eggs and mixing the eggs sugar and salt without incorporating too much flour you can now add a little bit of milk and this is where you start to steer incorporating your flour bit by bit when you have incorporated enough flour you just add some more milk and you continue the process until all of the flour is incorporated when all of the milk is in make sure you check the size of your container. you can see here there’s always little bitty see there’s always bits of flour so make sure you scrap the sides and give a nice vigorous shake to make sure all the clumps are gone.

3We’re gonna melt how butter you get small saucepan fire on I’m taking all of my butter straight in and we’re gonna leave our butter in the pan until it’s totally melted when your butter is melted leave it in the pan a little bit until it gets a bit of a chestnut color do slightly slightly brownish back to our mix I’m taking my butter and I’m just pouring all at once once it’s in you give a nice tear to your mix and you get that nice color so make sure you steer just half a minute or so making sure all of the butter it’s really incorporated and it also has to cool down a little bit okay so don’t just pour it in the one a tiny swirl and stop okay it has to be nicely blended done we’re gonna now add our old ones. I’m using here a piece of potato.

I’m using here a piece of potato in sunflower so when I caught my pen I really have control over where do I want the oil as you can see here it’s sizzling hot and this is what you want when you make crepes and when you start off make sure you get enough mix in your pan and you want to immediately kind of make that circle okay and roll around to make sure you get an even layer of dough everywhere okay let’s do it again bit of oil in the pan you don’t want to overdo the oil same thing you take your batter large amount and you twist the pan in a rolling motion and you roll and you roll in your role and your role in your roll and there you go so when you begin take the habit of taking your spatula and you can just check the side you know leaving your crap.