Fool - Proof Prime Rib Recipe

Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 1 hr 30 min
Ready in: 1 hr 40 min

We Are Going To Show You A Good Piece Of Prime Rib Cooked Right Foolproof Method.


  • Meat
  • Butter
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Four Cloves Of Garlic
  • A Little Smoked Paprika
  • Some Coarse Sea Salt
  • Some Coarse Ground Pepper


1We got about a 6 pound real broast standing rib roast prime rib .Let it sit right there on the cabinet let it warm up it’s got a warm so we get to even cook throughout let’s get ready to season this thing and we’re gonna season it really good so let’s just set it right here on that cutting board see how nice it stands up now softened me a stick of butter let it out here at room temperature mix Miam some of them folks that Shannon really got me fond of and that is M Herbie’s fresh rosemary, fresh thyme four cloves of garlic, a little smoked paprika, some coarse sea salt, some coarse ground pepper.

2A little red river ranch whoo-hee just gonna be good pretty good consistency it’s what I call nearly like really softened butter so you gonna have to get your hands dirty now but we’re gonna rub this rascal really good everywhere we want to make sure that he’s coated every where he’s showing fat-side everywhere now when you cook this in a roasting pan you’re gonna make sure that the it is the rib side down the bones don’t forget to get these little ends in here so we gonna gently pick him up put him right there like that you can see we done got it camouflaged up it looks a little different what it is all them herbs and that butter all that goodness is going to just sit right in there.

3But right now since this is such a big chunk of meat I want you to take some of that core sea salt and go right back over. The top of it 500 degrees that’s hot so how long do you cook that at 500 degrees well it weighed six pounds and we’re going five minutes a pound so that’s 30 minutes at 500 then we’re gonna turn the oven off plumb off and we ain’t going to touch it we ain’t going to look at it wing gonna do nothing and when you pull it out there what’s it going to be delicious prime rib medium rare.

4Make sure nobody gets near you thirty minutes where does it say off and remember you cannot open that door until two hours we’re going to check it then we’re going to take a meat thermometer and we’re going to see if it’s about 120 to 125 because when we bring it out to let that thing rest before we cut it the internal temperature in there as it sets is going to rise so it’s probably going to jump up another five to ten degrees which you’ll still keep it in the medium-rare range and it needs to be cut and served at that point.

5You’re getting it all the bone in you’re getting that great Martin Lee that great fat layer on the outside right there on the top. It’s going to hold all that juice in this is why you’re paying that premium price for a piece of prime rib because got the marbling it’s got the fat it’s got the juiciness. Get a prime rib now I’m gonna pick out Certified Angus beef that is what I use when you’re getting a piece of prime rib a lot of times they’re not gonna be sitting out. so we’re gonna let this rest we’ll sit just a little bit and then we’re gonna put it on the Lord and we’re gonna slice it I mean the big is gonna eat. I check it again we have risen in temperature to that 129 point five degrees so letting it rest done the trick let’s transfer this rascal right over here to this cutting board you can see there’s bones sticking out here now if you want you can grab the shank of them right there come on tilt your knife just a little to hit the bone and then just follow that curvature around and it’s gonna come right off there now you can do this either way you want we can take the bone out or we can leave the bone in cut the cap end off this the other end of this one.

6I always slice that end off fair because I want to make sure that this thing is what I want it to be temperature will tell me that but I love to see it and you see when you let that sit we’re not losing none of that juice that’s just running out of there folks we went ahead and debone der check that outside edge always lest that cap off the end there because I want to see I’m in a hurry I want to know what’s happening it is right took her out against the grain now the grain of this meat is running long ways with this rib roast and we’re going to slice against the grain every trip slices like butter it does got that good crust on top worst thing you could do to this piece of prime rib would to be what overcook it I promise you it is meant to eat rare or medium rare the longer you cook this piece of meat the drier it’s gonna become let it rest so all them juices are gonna stay on the inside there ain’t nothing better to eat folks you see this here drippings that’s left in here you can take that makes you a little cream with it little flour make you some gravy. So this is a foolproof way you can cook.