Matty Matheson's Finger Lickin’ Butter Chicken Recipe

Today, We Gonna Finger Lickin Butter Chicken.


  • Little Bit Of Tomato Sauce
  • Little Bit Of Cream
  • Little Bit Of Spice
  • Chicken
  • Spicy Creamy
  • Buttery Chicken Curry
  • 2 Onions
  • 5 Garlic Cloves
  • Red Chillies
  • Olive Oil
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Three Tablespoons Of Tumeric
  • Fenugreek
  • Oregano



You know a little bit of tomato sauce a little bit of cream a little bit of spice heat some chicken it’s a spicy creamy the first steps of making
butter chicken. we need to make a base with that base, we’re gonna use our blender, we’re gonna take two onions. we’re just gonna chunk them up. we’re gonna add 5 garlic cloves to long red chilies. I like it spicy so we’re gonna add 2 Birds Eye chilies those are spicy. I want the sauce to be just hot enough that I’m sweating a little bit of fear but I can finish the dish. we’re gonna use one large knob of ginger take your spoon and you can just peel. your ginger with your spoon just a little bit of olive oil about six tablespoons and now. we’re just gonna pulse and then. we’re gonna puree it. that is perfect smell this is ghee clarified butter if, you boil butter it separates. you got the clarified butter and then on the have all the way all the fat it’s like using a canola oil or vegetable oil it has a higher burn rate if, you were to use whole butter all of that milk in the way in that butter runs that’s what butter burns oh yeah that’s about half a cup. we’re gonna add all of our little vegetable this is our base this smells really good this is a medium-high heat.


We’re gonna allow all of the natural sugars to caramelize rather than browning them from heat. we’re gonna allow them to chill out and relax bringing
those natural sugars out of the onions out of the ginger out of the peppers. I’m just gonna cook this for about 20 minutes this looks so, beautiful
we’re gonna make the most insane butter chicken. you’ve ever seen so now we’ve cooked down our base our vegetable base with the chilies. we’re gonna
add our spices three tablespoons of tumeric and two tablespoons chili powder, cumin, ground coriander, garam masala, garam masala is always like a curry paste it’s not a curry paste it’s powder but without it you will not have what the heat is gonna do with those spices just open them up let them come alive now. we’re gonna add some of our trusty tomato paste. we’re gonna add 3 tablespoons now we’re gonna add 1 jar of tomato sauce. you want to make sure that you’re using just like a tomato puree you don’t really want chunks of tomato you want it to be really smooth butter chicken is a smooth dish at this point everything’s chilled out, I didn’t want to add the fenugreek. we added all the dry spices because, I didn’t want to hurt the fenugreek now that this is pretty much a sauce. we’re gonna add 1 tbsp fenugreek but just think of it as like Indian oregano and now we have to


Our sauce to cook for about 1 hour we’re just gonna let this simmer put the lid on it simmer it really low because there’s kind of a thicker sauce
with a lot of sugars in there and that can caramelize on the bottom and maybe burn the butter chicken sauce look at this this has been just simmering.we still haven’t added our cream. we’re gonna add our chicken this is a boneless skinless chicken breast.I don’t like chicken breasts most of the
time but when making the butter chicken it is the chicken breast that you’re looking for is light it is fluffy it doesn’t have to break down it cooks very quickly. we’re adding four chicken breasts. we’re gonna add it right into our sauce. we’re not gonna Brown it. we’re getting so, close we’re gonna put the lid on it one more time and in 10 minutes. we’re gonna finish this guy chicken breast as soon as that puppy turns white it’s cooked little fluffy pillows oh that’s hot okay here.


We go, I need my cream which was the cream oh yeah. you always gotta check we’re gonna take heavy cream whipped cream.I’m gonna add one cup look how this transforms we have a quarter pound butter if you heard me unsalted butter we’re gonna put it in and we’re gonna stir that butter into our butter chicken and we need that butter now look at that sauce consistency that’s. what you’re looking for it’s nice and thick just put a lid on it butter chicken is good to go GTG this is the star of our meal look at that. we’re just gonna take some cilantro hey. I’m gonna give it a rough chop.