Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe

Today We’re Going To Be Doing A Little Lacto-Fermented Hot Sauce.


  • Peppers
  • Some Fresno’s
  • Some Habaneros
  • Chili The Pepper
  • Oils
  • Garlic
  • Regular Old Sea Salt
  • Peppers



It’s just a little microbial process you know because the peppers they’re they’ve been picked but they’re still there’s still a lot of stuff in there that’s alive and doing weird stuff botulism Chris this guy is botulism no one’s had botulism since like nineteen twenty that might not be trueI got some Fresno’s and some habaneros I like to do a little blend because the habaneros they have great flavor really not very floral but they can be super super hot. So I like to cut them with some Fresno’s. We’re working with chilies you want to use I will you don’t have to do whatever you want you should use some Platt. I got latex gloves because you get the chili the pepper oils. I just trim the top I mean people you know maybe oh your waist and peppers yada but I ain’t got that kind of time that’s enough. So now I’m going to cut all the caps off. I’ll take the seeds out it’s a little tedious but you get a good you get a good yield on it a couple little seeds in there no big deal. We’re not going to go nuts but we got all the tops all the seeds out a little bit of dried hibiscus a couple mixed peppercorns four cardamom pods. We could use five if you want little big deal. We’ll use just a little pinch of that Morosco they’re nice and then the garlic Vinnie always crush your garlic. We’re going to use six tablespoons of just regular old sea salt and then we’ll do the same with sugar now I’m going to add two quarts of water.


I like to add just a little bit first all right give it a little shakey. You don’t get everything just a little little dissolved until then I’ll make it a little nice. I’m saying so we’ll put these bad boys in there all right that will measure the water now Chris you know percentages. We’re going to give this a nice little shake all right. We’ll let that sit very important what you do here so it’s fermenting so it’s going to be releasing gas and pressure so if you left this closed for a week and a half I mean this has a lot it might blow up what you have to do every day is just they call it burping, and what you do is you just let you just let the UH. You just let the gas out when you open it all the bubbles will rise and you’ll see that it’s very active it’s Jesus yeah well let that go for we’ll come back in about a week and a half you ready then Oh well it made a little that was a little anti-climatic for the video but yeah they look spinning. You see all these little bubbles coming up that’s a good sign that fermentation is started. so I like to do sometimes Vinnie I like to just go in there and massage them a little break them not break them up because there’s still pretty firm I mean there’s still peppers.


Then that’ll release some of the pepper funk wah there to help we’ll all get to fermentation really going full burns the nostrils a bit Vinnie all right. So we left off ouch we’re going to give it a little agitation you see all the bubbles coming up. Then we’ll add a little bit of that uh that that table Brian oh god these things you know Oh God Oh Vinny then he do not put that in all right so that’s enough I think Vinny if we need to add more add more start this baby on low you ready for that turbocharger thing that’s the stuff that’s the stuff in it look at color nice right well look at that color baby vibrant freakin glow-in-the-dark nice smooth consistency but not too watery. I’ve done this a couple times like that you know I had never really got a measurement of the actual brine that you put into it is somewhere around like a cup or something. I smell half of it on the floor you better off adding less blending it and finding out you need to add more because once you add it you can’t get it back all right so next step. I got these real cute little bottles here you put your hot sauce in there beautiful color it’s great on anything put on eggs put a pizza put it on making tacos but on whenever you want great little gift to you give this to somebody a homemade hot sauce.