Quinoa Salad Recipe

Prep in: 20 mins
Cook in: 10 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
I’m Gonna Show You To Make Really Healthy And Delicious Quinoa Salad.


  • Veggies
  • Roasted Peppers
  • Salt
  • Marinated Artichokes
  • Cucumbers
  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Feash Baby Spinach
  • Red Quinoa
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Vinegar
  • Olive Oil



you can get started the veggies.I’m using in my salad are some roasted peppers some marinated artichokes cucumbers, some garlic, some parsley ,some fresh baby spinach that’s been washed and dried this is some red quinoa you need some Dijon mustard champagne vinegar extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper now those are the ingredients.I really do love this combination but feel free to use whatever you have so cooking is all about anyway so what I have here is a saucepan with some water coming up to a boil now you want to read the instructions on your package of the Keane what you buy so that you can know how much know what the ratio is from water to quinoa.I’m using red quinoa you can use white of course the most important thing is that you rinse this quinoa.I’m actually going to go into the sink with a sieve and I’m going to rinse it until the water runs clear if you don’t do that your quinoa will be very bitter so you want to make sure you take the extra couple minutes to go ahead and rinse it out until water runs clear.


I’ll meet you right back here to show you the next step rinse my quinoa I’ve got my water up to a boil I’m just going to add it right in and again make sure you do take the extra couple minutes to rinse it because it’s so important I want to get as much out of there and as soon as possible okay great I’m going to turn this on low cover it and this is going to simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes in the meantime.I’m just going to tidy up a little bit now I’ve obviously I prepped all my veggies already just to make to make time go by you know to make things a little faster otherwise we keep sitting here for quite a bit dicing and chopping but like.


I said use whatever you’ve got a great combination would be to add some feta to this or you could add some goat cheese you can ask them mozzarella you can have some Tomatoes whatever is in that fridge you use you can also add can of chickpeas you can make this an actual full meal by adding a can of tuna or some grilled chicken breast and your be in business but for now.I’m going to wait for that to cook tidy up a little bit and then I meet you right back here Oh perfect you know I’ve been cooking for 20 minutes now just like you would with rice or couscous you want to use a fork when you go ahead and mix it because you don’t want it to clump up together now.I need to actually so,I’ll do first I’m going to put this into a large bowl look at that that makes enough to feed quite a few people.


I tell you it smells so good and if,you’ve never had chemo before it’s very very nutty and delicious now.I’m going to season this with some salt because I haven’t seasoned this yet I didn’t season the pasta water yet so just going to season it with some salt mix it.I’m gonna pop this into the fridge just for a few minutes just to cool it down slightly.I don’t want to run this through cold water because the purpose of this is I want to be dry.I don’t want it to be soaked they don’t want to be muddy I want to be dry it’s going to soak up the vinaigrette that much better so I’m just gonna pop this into the fridge for about five minutes in the meantime.

5I’m going to show you how to make the vinaigrette so to make the dressing in a small bowl I’m gonna put in some Dijon mustard you can also use some nice like whole-grain mustard that would be really lovely as well.I don’t have any on hand I always happen to have Dijon so that’s what I’m using and some champagne vinegar this is actually a new bottle so let me take off the seal now you if you don’t have champagne vinegar you don’t want to use champagne vinegar which by the way a lot of people think it’s like twenty-seven dollars a bottle it’s really not this was for 479 I think it was so it’s really not that expensive if,you don’t want to use champagne vinegar by all means you can’t even agree you like smells fantastic.I’m going to put some vinegar bright in here with the mustard you want season it with some salt and pepper not too much just a little bit of salt because we still have to season our veggies and now.I’m going to just whisk this together and you know slowly stream in some extra virgin olive oil that looks fabulous it’s nice and creamy.


I’m gonna give this a taste.I’m actually going to taste it with a piece of artichoke because while it’s going in the salad so I might as well just taste it the piece of artichoke it’ll actually I’ll be able to you know judge better whether it needs a little bit more or less of something hmm no that’s perfect okay,I’m going to tidy up get the quinoa as a fridge assemble the whole thing it finally gets eating some lunch whole hungry so now that my quinoa was in the fridge for just a few minutes it’s still warm which I want it to be still warm now I’m going to add in all my chopped up veggies and my parsley tie leg it’s gonna be used to tell me.I’ve got a handful of fresh baby spinach you can also substitute some arugula in here that would be really fantastic and then drizzle over pour over.


I should say your dressing and now this you want to season it with salt and pepper because the veggies have no seasoning yet besides the little bit that we put in the dressing so you want to make sure you always you always season every layer or dish so you dish kind of as a whole tastes well-seasoned it’s not like you’re going to get one bite of something that tastes good and then the other buddy just doesn’t taste as good and you can prevent that from happening if,you season your dish every step of the way so just patiently toss everything together until it’s everything is nicely combined and the dressing is kind of coating all the veggies and the quinoa it looks great let’s just give this a taste smells amazing because the chemo was still warm and when we added the veggies you can kind of smell them all immediately hmm that is perfect on so many levels now as delicious as this is right now this is right now you know what.

I’m going to do I’m going to cover this with plastic wrap pop it in the fridge for an hour and it’s going to taste ten times better this is actually going to be a lunch for today from my husband and I and our lunch for tomorrow for work because this as you can see makes a huge batch and that’s about it really it’s simple it’s easy it is so delicious nice and healthy.