Eggs Benedict Recipe

Prepare time: 5 min
Cook: 15min

I’m going to show you how to make Eggs Benedict.


  • Canadian Bacon
  • Egg
  • Butter Melted
  • Egg Yolk
  • White Vinegar
  • Lemon
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Salt


1We can get started you’re gonna some Canadian bacon English muffins eggs unsalted butter melted egg yolks a little bit of white distilled white vinegar lemon cayenne pepper and a little bit of salt that’s it it’s very simple and easy to do it’s simple but it is you’re gonna need to know how to do this properly in order for it to come out okay because you’re gonna have to make a hollandaise sauce which can complete disaster and you need to poach the eggs which as we all know that can be a hassle on it’s just on itself so what I have here are two pots I have the saucepan here with about an inch of water and that’s over low heat and it’s just barely it’s just simmering and then I have another skillet here that’s got high sides and it’s filled half way up with water and I’m bringing that to a slow boil a gentle boil and that’s for poaching the eggs but first we’re gonna work on the hollandaise sauce so in a small bowl and make sure that your bowl whatever bowl you’re using is gonna be able to fit perfectly on top of your saucepan so in here I’m gonna put in my egg yolks and a squeeze of lemon and I’m just gonna whisk this together until the egg yolks become nice and pale in color that looks good so now.

2I’m going to cut my bread into about half inch slices. when bread that should do the trick I want this to be really filled okay because it’s what’s going to happen is once it soaks up all the egg mixture is going to be out of this world all right in here I’m going to pour my heavy cream whole milk do use whole milk for this I think it makes a big difference eggs woo and my brown sugar granules sugar and ground cinnamon if this doesn’t smell like the holidays.

3I’m gonna get another skillet to get that ready for my Canadian bacon now my water is up to a slow boil and I’ve also cracked you want to crack your eggs individually into a small bowl you don’t want to crack them directly in here because it won’t work now to my boiling water I’m gonna add in a little bit of distilled white vinegar and that’s an extremely important ingredient when you’re doing when you’re poaching eggs I mean it just it just is so then what I do is I take my spoon here and I just make a whirlpool effect just turn it all in one direction and then you just drop in your egg and what that does as you can see it makes the egg white wrap around itself that’s how easy it is I’m gonna do the right to them and let them cook for three minutes to my large skillet here I’m just gonna rub some butter all over it.

4You put on top of the muffin. so I thought dang that’s a brilliant idea so I went ahead and made the streusel topping and I haven’t looked back since and you shouldn’t either it’s sweet its crunchy its fabulous its buttery it’s a divine putting your butter and now I’m just going to use a pastry blender or a pastry cutter I’m just going to cut the butter into my dry mixture just until it’s smaller in size than it is now but that’s way too big I’m going to add in my chopped walnuts.

5You can also just put a pad of butter in there and let that melt whoops now to that I’m gonna add in my English muffins cut side down and I’m gonna let those get nice and toasty I took my English muffins out of the pan I’m just adding my Canadian bacon and I’m letting it cook for a few minutes well really only about 10 to 15 seconds on each side or until I develop a little bit of color okay I’m gonna take this out take out the poached egg we’re gonna put the whole thing together taking my poached eggs out I take them out with a slotted spoon and I put the money paper towel-lined plate just absorb any of the extra liquid and my sauce ready.

6I’m gonna thin it out just a tiny bit with my warm water that’s great so this is how you plate one you take one piece of your English muffin a piece of your Canadian bacon which is really ham I don’t know why it’s even called that you take one of your poached eggs and do you like to season my poached egg with a little bit of salt and then you take your hollandaise which is the best part and you kind of just drizzle it all over the top and if you want your eggs cooked longer if you don’t like them too runny then cause it’s longer if you want them cooked even less then cook them for two and a half minutes you know it’s up to you now you want to show you what one looks like and you kind of put the whole thing together that is the perfect eggs.