How to Make Eggplant Parmesan

Ready in: 1 hr

I’m Gonna Show You How To Make Italian Eggplant Parmesan Recipe.


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Eggs
  • Eggplant
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Vegetables Oil
  • Little Bit Of Salt
  • Pepper
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Olive Oil


1You need some of that all-purpose flour, eggs, eggplant of course some fresh mozzarella. you’re going to need some vegetable oil and you need some little bit of salt and pepper now. you’re probably wondering where it comes how you gotta make eggplant parm without the breadcrumbs well. I don’t know who came up with the whole eggplant parm in the breadcrumb mixture but that’s not Italian that’s southern Italian anyway the way. we do it is this way it’s much more easy much more easy and it’s very authentic and to us. when you bread the eggplant and breadcrumbs it’s a fritter it’s something that you eat cold or like room temperature without sauce on or anything it’s something completely different so, this is the real deal this is how you make real authentic eggplant parm and the way we do it in Naples Italy so, let me give you let me run you down a few things number.

2One you need to get a nice big pan with some vegetable oil in it about a quarter inch of that vegetable oil in it.I’m really vegetable oil because ithas a very high smoking point. we’re going to fry these eggplant if, you were to use olive oil it would burn and it would be just a messing it to constantly change the oil so,we’re going to do that you have some flour here now. we’re going to start cracking.some eggs now looking it’s very important guys is have to have to have to use meat sauce when you make your claim form you could use Bolognese but that’s true it’s not soft enough like this is saucy that’s.what you need you cannot use you know marinara sauce it doesn’t have enough flavor so, go ahead make yourself a big batch of meat sauce store it in the freezer and you can use it on anything.I’m just going to crack these eggs. I’m gonna prep my eggplant now this is a really really bigger plant.

3I would prefer using a little Italian eggplants but sometimes my grocery store carries them. sometimes they don’t but whenever buying an eggplant make sure it smells fresh and make sure that it’s not dented anywhere it’s nice and smooth and skin it’s like a dark dark purple. which is exactly what you want but no blemishes no soft spots no brown spots that’s. what you want so now we’re going to prep it. I’m just going to cut a little bit.I couldn’t straighten life much better I’m just going to cut a little bit off the bottom so i stabilized eggplant but when I cut otherwise it would roll everywhere this white stable and now. we’re going to cut it lengthwise get rid of that and you want to cut it nice and thin. you don’t want to cut it stick otherwise it won’t cook just like that. I have all my eggplant thinly cut it’s about an eighth of an inch thick now.

4I’m going to do we’re going to season flour in my egg not too much because we’re going to see the neck plain.when they come out and boil and you have to resist eating them as they come out so,good honestly that’s my favorite way to eat these. I plan just when they come out little sprinkle the salt on them whole spring while the eggs really really good you don’t have to be.I’m not gonna come to you how to check absolutely scrambled eggs but you want to make sure that the oil nice like that mix.your flour just put your hands and now you only prep for if,we’re going to at the counter and so we’re going to dust each piece of eggplant in the flour shaking off any excess because. we want the egg stick obviously last one do you like them. SME guess it’s not a party until. somebody makes a mess and that’s somebody pizza usually mean hey, I clean it up they’re gonna make all the mess.

5I want alright guys let’s take the eggs and the egg point and let’s go to the stove and start frying it up okay guys my oil is really nice and hot sonow.I’m going to take my eggplant dip it into the egg right right into the oil that is goodness right there you know to this it matches I have this over medium-high heat. we didn’t he will do you want me to cook too quickly because if, you want to come all the way through okay so,lean back just hook these up for about a minute on each side so, nice and golden brown and make sure. you have a large plate in paper towels handy because. you’re going to put a layer of paper towels and between each layer of the eggplant so, one line at the bottom three pieces of eggplant use paper towel so on so forth’re all the eggplant done it’ll take about literally seven or eight minutes to do them all it doesn’t take long at all takes just a couple minutes and then.

6I’m going to assemble it bake it knead it s one’s coming out guys turning this off make sure season each one as they come out okay and then layer them between pieces of paper towels like so,now let’s go to counter and finish this assembling this hey guys now before.I go any further.I want to let you guys know have to pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees start anything else.I should let you know that before but.I kind of forgot okay so,let’s assemble this.we’re gonna do its take a ladle full of the meat sauce and like.I said has to be meat sauce now this eggplant parm the way. we do is it’s not go happy and Hevy it’s just a thin layer of sauce in between in between each layer of the eggplant like so however many. you can fit just gonna do three like that then. you just take a little bit of the sauce and smear on each one not much because. you don’t wantit to when you cook it in the oven.

7You don’t want it to bubble up and and be sort of liquidy it’ll make your egg point saggy and you don’t want that let that is perfect cansee that just a spoonful on each one then. you’re going to take some of your fresh mozzarella and just tear small pieces all over the top because remember mozzarella is something. I’ve added to this recipe it’s not something that is usually found in you know in Naples. when you look at airplane Parm usually don’t find mozzarella there but. I like the easiness of it so just a little bit but you do find a heck of a lot of parmesan and Donald try buy the good stuff trying buy the one. you know the black with the rottenness actually says parmigiana on it that’s. when you know it’s the best okay like that next layer this is how. you’re going to do it. you’re gonna do layer by layer until. you’re pretty much all the way to the top so,now I can do three big ones here.

8I’ll show you all the way to the top my last layer right over the top is going to put a lid extra cheese now just so, you know this is not gonna bethe kind of eggplant parm cut into it it’s don’t take off each and every single piece so, everybody has a little bit of the cheese everything and like. I said this is the way we do it in Naples but if, you’re used to doing it a different way than by all means do it that way but this is the authentic way of making eggplant parm the way.we do it once you go this way. you’ll never go back. I promise this is going to go into your preheated 350 degree oven for about 20 to 20 when everything’s kind of melt.

9You know get incorporated and stick around here you go guys look at that text away egg performs should be look at that every single layer of eggplant it’s got cheese smells amazing.I don’t want to take this apart yet.I friends coming over for dinner now.let’s look super beautiful but just gonna put a little bit of basil on top.I can really really smell the meat sauce unbelievable it’s cheesy it’s good.