Eggs Woodhouse Recipe

Today We’re Gonna Be Making A Eggs Wood house.


  • Half A Cup Of Butter
  • Eggs
  • A Pinch Of Paprika
  • Some Kashmir Saffron
  • Some Olive Oil
  • Three Tablespoons Of Butter
  • Flour
  • Cup Of Milk
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Squeeze Of Lemon Juice


1We’re gonna start by heating some olive oil over medium-high heat before adding our washed spinach sauteing gently until bright green and wilted. Now we need to make a bechamel we’re going to start with about three tablespoons of butter. That we’re going to melt over a medium-high heat before adding an equal amount of flour whisking until toasted and golden brown and slowly whisking in about how cup of milk. We’re going to season our spinach with salt and pepper before adding our beautiful bechamel give it a good mix. Now for our hollandaise we’re going to use J Kenji Lopez alts technique that starts with two egg yolks in the bottom of an immersion blender cup.

We’re going to blend together with a good squeeze of lemon juice before slowly drizzling our hot butter inside this cooks the eggs and gives you a perfect creamy hollandaise sauce. now we’re getting ready to poach our eggs so we’re going to plate up to warm artichoke hearts on a bed of creamed spinach we’re going to swirl our eggs in a fine mesh sieve before gently tucking into almost boiling water keeping them moving and retrieving after 3 and a halfminutes. I’ve got some real americo ham here that was only 175 dollars a pound which we’re going to stack liberally on top of our eggs before giving our black truffle a good shave.

3We’re topping that with our warm hollandaise sauce a healthy pinch of both paprika and Kashmir saffron and last but not least a generous spoonful of beluga caviar beluga is illegal. so I got the next best thing this is white sturgeon Osteria caviar try and figure out how to attack this thing and it’s finally time to dig in now this thing was so absurdly rich that it was almost impossible just to swallow the first bite let’s listen in surd this thing was rich on top of savory on top of rich on top of butter on top of more rich after a few bites.