Egg in the Hole Recipe

Prep time: 5 min
Cook in: 5 min

I’m making the heart egg in the hole.


  • Eggs
  • Bread
  • Little Bit Of Butter
  • Oil
  • Egg Yolk


1You keep two ingredients in your house at all times it should be eggs and bread eggs and bread and you have a full meal that everyone loves and egg in the hole. I’m gonna smash it smash it down how easy is this and I’m gonna make em okay which other when you’re here’s another piece of red and so you can just let the kids use any fake cookie cutter you can use any kind of sandwich bread you like I like to use whole wheat bread but really any sandwich bread works she’s gonna lightly grease a saute pan over medium heat with a little bit of butter or oil whatever you like whatever you have on hand okay and then you take your piece of bread that you’ve cut a hole out of go ahead and put it in there and then you can even put your your nice little heart right. and take a large egg.

2I like to use vegetarian okay so you want to use this one here you can do that it’s okay and then just going to crack the egg right in listen to the sizzle carefully ah that’s perfect and what you’re trying to do is make sure that the yellow doesn’t break and all you’re going to do is let that cook for a few minutes on each side depending on how cooked through you want the egg I notice my eggs were taking a little bit of extra time to cook so I decided to cover them and now beautiful now I’m going to give a little quick whoo-whoo Chloe might let them cook about one more minute because Chloe and I like to have dippers and dippers are when your egg yolk runs just a little bit let’s go pretty and like toasty little hearts yeah that’s your that’s what we call the dippers you right here see these only take a minute or two they’re perfect for busy moms like myself I’m trying to get out the door and you know in the morning fast but wanting to make something that’s really nutritious and delicious and super easy you want to temperature we cut into mine you don’t want my cut why oh oh look do you like that how’s that should we take a bite you write yours cut it