Quick Soba Noodle Soup Recipe

Prep in: 10 mins
Cook in: 5 mins
Ready in: 15 mins
We’re Gonna Making Quck Soba Noodle Soup Recipe.


  • Mshrooms
  • Sugar Snap
  • Green Onions
  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Soba Noodles
  • Soy Sauce



I’ve got a mixture of mushrooms some sugar,peas green onions carrots some cabbage left over you’re going to use your soba noodles some soy sauce I like to use a low-sodium black pepper or some stock vegetable stock beef stock you name it you could put anything you want into the soup. I’m not here to tell you that this is the only way to make it in fact the way I had it a couple days ago it’s probably completely different and they had it they’re making it today because it’s just what I have on hand so let’s kind of get started shall we now I’ve got my stock coming up to a boil here in this big large pot and back there.I have a pot with some boiling water with some water coming up to a bowl as well.


When I tell you as soon as these things go into the hot lake in the hot liquid they cook in five minutes that’s simple so,I’m just going to chop up some of these mushrooms nothing perfect. I woke up I said you have to cancel everything honey because I can’t talk I have to go to a doctor immediately.I can’t there’s nothing I could do I don’t want to walk in in these people and I can’t talk so that would defeat the purpose so you know I don’t get sick very often and I I’m the kind of person that’s up and about a lot so this is definitely kind of taking me back a bit but nothing we can’t handle here you know what I mean roughly chop your mushrooms however your heart desires does not have to be perfect trust me tear them if, you want to I’m just going to roughly chop them.


I’m going to roughly chop my sugar snaps. I love these love to snack on them so so good I love that they’re very sweet these here and out for my carrot I’m going to grate it because I want this to cook so fast.I want to grade it so it gets the job done quickly and I’ll trust me when I was up until today when I was up and about.I was not chopping and dicing and doing any of that.He had to do was put some stock and some soba noodles and that was my dinner because honestly and this is gonna shock some of you so hold on to your seats I did not have an appetite whatsoever like I,couldn’t even I wasn’t hungry I didn’t want to eat because I just really feel good but because I was on antibiotics I have to eat so this was something that was I could I could keep down and it was soothing and it was warm and it was filling and was delicious.


So, I figured if you guys are in the same boat then by all means this is fine. I’ll keep the other other piece to nibble on all right we have all of our veggies chopped these are going to go on top so,we’re going to wait for these into the very very end I stock is up to a boil.I’m gonna put them all in that simple no sauteing no oil no you know having to follow specific measurements of everything nothing at all just throw it all in hot stock you’ll be alright give this a stir this needs four minutes that’s completely done my soba noodles which are traditional buckwheat noodles cook in four minutes so,I’m going to dump these into the boiling water wait four minutes.I’m going to drain them and rinse them under cold water and then I’ll show you how to finish everything off my soup is done my soup base.I should say it goes from four minutes my soba noodles cooked for four minutes I just drained them and rinsed them with cold water they’re ready to go mmm like really try hard get my voice to come back.I chopped up some fresh scallion.

5So, I can put them right on top give it a little doubly end I do love fresh scallions on top I think it it really adds a little extra note of something and of course if,you’re not feeling up to it completely forget about it.I’m gonna season my soup instead of doing it with salt and pepper I’m gonna do a splash of some soy sauce low-sodium please and some black pepper love black pepper okay this is stir perfect that is done look at that done and you want to know my husband did one even when he made this for me the first time total total genius instead of shredding the cabbage and a carrot like.I did he used the leftover remains of our close Onix no it was this also spawn in the kitchen small enough cooking is definitely a keeper please soba noodles in oh yeah pretty excited in life even when you don’t feel that well you should be excited in life gallon hands please mmm I’ve got a fork and a spoon try the broth a little bit mushroom mmm this is so flavorful it’s so simple.


I’m gonna attempt slurp even though this is really hot mmm Matt.I’m telling you throw in whatever you got some cooked shrimp would be great in here cooked up chicken would be great in here bok choy any kind of cabbage you want any vegetable you want you can’t not go wrong all you need is some hot stock whatever you’ve got Viman doing about eating some frozen veggies that you got left over in the freezer I mean why not today it’s gonna taste good don’t worry the soba noodles.