Shortbread Cookie Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 30 mins
Ready in: 45 mins
I’m Going To Share With You A Recipe For A Classic Vanilla Shortbread Cookie.


  • Unsalted Butter
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Salt
  • Confectioner Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract



We get started you need some unsalted butter and room temperature all-purpose flour, some confectioner sugar, salt and vanilla extract. tI’m using confectioner sugar which is a little bit different than most people because your a lot of people you just use a regular sugar but I’ll find the confectioner sugar just gives a much more crumbly texture which I absolutely adore so first thing you wanna do is get your oven to 350 get that ready second thing you want to do is get a 9 by 9 inch pan just like so spray it with nonstick cooking spray and then lay it with parchment paper making sure the parchment paper comes up the side so we can just lift and remove now very nice and easy also you can do the same recipe in a nine-inch sort of removal of a removable bottom tart pan because classic shortbread is you know a little triangle so, you can do that so, I’m going to make this in my fruit process not a food processor in my mixer standing mixer fitted with a paddle attachment and this is how easy it is you’re going to put in your butter which is very very important it’s at room temperature or confectioners sugar whew a little drop of vanilla well not so little about a teaspoon and then.


You’re just going to put this whoa don’t do that put that all about medium-low and let that cream together for about a minute or two you want everything to be well incorporated once you have all this sugar incorporated you can increase the speed up to medium-high which is what I did and now it’s perfect so tin this, we’re going to add in our flour and the salt and the salt was a very important ingredient so make sure you don’t skip out on that so, again on medium-low just until it’s blend it in and then you’re going to crank it up to medium-high for about a minute or so or until everything that’s incorporated that looks perfect it’s exactly.


What you’re looking for now just going to get it right off now if you wanted to make different shapes of cookies with this dough then at this point you wouldn’t need to roll it up put it in the fridge for about an hour until it firms up really well but I’m going to make just some classic classic shape which I’ll show you what that looks like we just want to make sure all the dough is out of our bowl you want to leave anything behind just using my hands I’m making sure everything is nice and even I don’t want any thin pieces at one place and then thicker place set another so, now let me move this a bit.


You’re going to take either a butter knife or a bench knife whatever you have and you’re going to make you’re going to cut this in six strips long ways okay so just make a mark for yourself one two three four okay one two three four five six perfect just cut it right down and you’re going to cut it in four well actually. I think I cut it in threes want to have big cookies now using a fork you’re going to prick each one three times this dough is so perfect every single time now just like this and then you can put any kind of filling over the top makes a great like. I said a great bar agree anything I make some killer caramel chocolate bars with the space it’s unbelievable it’s my friend Brie’s absolute favorite she gets them every year for Christmas last one now this is going to go into your predetermine 350 for about 20 to 25 minutes or until the lightly golden brown.

5I’ll show you what that looks like when they’re done just took my shortbread out of the oven now this is a very very crucial part for them to come out perfect as soon as they come out you’re going to go back over those cuts and just kind of recut them again don’t ask why but this just works it makes the cookies come out perfect okie doke now that the ricotta.I’m going to let these cool completely before,I show you how I like to finish them my shortbread has cooled completely and that’s exactly how I want it because what I did was melt some bittersweet chocolate just in a little Bowl look at that in the microwave and this is completely optional but I love to dip these in chocolate so fantastic now all I’m going to do see how easy they are they’re just the back cut all the way.


I’m just going to run my knife just like so smells super buttery and delicious look how perfect they are flaky I like to just dip half of these in chocolate oh my goodness it’s going to be really difficult to resist but I’m going to I’m going to put these in a wire rack just to let them set a little bit but again you don’t have to do this you could also do exactly the same thing with some white chocolate if you wanted to just going to did just a few of these do I think we’re going to just do one more. I’m not even going to wait for this to harden mm-hmm unbelievable what is so good so simple great texture with that chocolate you’re in heaven go back in or not well that’s it simple easy delicious easy ingredients put a debbie wwr in kitchen comm to get the recipe then go make these.