Homemade Pavlova Recipe

Prepare time: 25 mins
Cook: 1 hr
I’m Gonna Show You How Make A Pavlova A Pavlova Recipe.


  • Egg White
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Some Cornstarch
  • White Wine Vinegar
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Cream Of Tartar
  • Parmigiano
  • Pinch Of Salt
  • Cornflour



We can get started you’re gonna use an egg whites, some plain old granulated sugar, some cornstarch, white wine vinegar, vanilla extract and cream of tartar now that is those are just the ingredients.you need to make the base the meringue part and then a little bit will bring out a few extra ingredients for the topping that’s just going to make this outrageously delicious now the first thing. you are do is get your oven preheated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit the second thing. you want to do is you take some a piece of parchment paper and what I’ve done is. I’ve taken in an 8 inch plate or the bottom of a pie plate whatever you have that it’s 8 inches round and I’ve just traced it with a pencil so then.what I’m going to do is. I’m going to flip it over because.


I don’t want my meringue base to touch the pencil but now I can see it and that’s gonna be my guide to making sure that this is the right shape right on so in my electric mixer you can do this by hand I will suggest not to unless you want to give yourself a nervous breakdown because this is now take a lot of time to whip up so in here.I had my egg whites and now let us get foamy it will just take a second up until I can just start to see little bubbles it’s going to add in a pinch of salt and some cream of tartar now the cream of tartar helps stabilize the egg white whoops and it’s not like that mix for just a second scrape the sides just really quickly son.I’m sure it gets incorporated well and now that.I’ve got that pretty much mixed in there slowly and one tablespoon at a time.


I’m going to add in my sugar now a pavlova is really just a giant meringue but the interior is just chewy marshmallow like consistency that’s absolutely addictive the texture of pavlova is done correctly is unbeatable and it’s truly something that is beautiful to look at as it is delicious so,that’s.we’re going to make today and now just little by litte. I’m going to add my sugar and I’m going to continue to whisk this until it becomes super thick and white and the sugar has dissolved can I show you what that looks like once we’re there now that is a gorgeous meringue look at that it’s nice and thick and if,you take some of it and do like that you don’t feel any destroyed or granule that’s when you know you’re at the right stage so I want you to take this feeder and I want you to just dot your baking sheet because that way your parchment paper doesn’t go anywhere.


When you’re trying to spread out the rest of the meringue see doesn’t go anywhere alright so now let’s take this from our meringue to pavlova and the magical ingredients for that is some cornstarch or in some countries it’s called cornflour in the US we call it cornstarch just a drop of white wine vinegar and I know this sounds crazy but that is what makes pavlovo a pavlova and some vanilla and I’m just going to take my spatula and just fold this all together very quickly because I don’t want to deflate those beautiful egg whites put this in the center just like that see why it’s important to have your little 8 inch circle drawn outside that way you can see it and you don’t flatten it out too too much because then you want to get it like a really thick or just pavlova it’ll be really really thin so now I would just want you to make the border a little bit thicker than the center and I just take my spatula.

5I just make it nice and smooth around the edges and then trying to smooth in the center that is gorgeous and perfect and now I want you to put this into the oven at 300 degrees for 50 minutes five zero not one five not 51 minutes 50 minutes and then.I want you to turn the oven off open the oven door just a little bit and let it cool completely for about two to three hours you can even do it overnight if,you want to and I’m going to show you. what it looks like once it’s there my pavlova baked and I’ve let it cool in the oven completely and now we’re going to move on to the whipped cream part now in my mixer.I have some heavy whipping cream and I’m going to just whip that up with some confectioner sugar and while that’s happening.I’m just taking some strawberry preserves you can use whatever kind of preserves you’d like and I’m going to just warm this up in a little saucepan oops with just a squeeze of fresh orange juice and I’m just heating this up until it becomes nice and runny and like that I can kind of spoon it.


I can drizzle it over the top so well that’s happening and that’s working.I want that to work faster though.I’m going to invert my pavlova now every time.I make pavlova.I can never just get all new parchment paper. I’ve tried everything it doesn’t work so what I do is I just put it upside down on a cake stand so yeah flip it and it does crack but there we go and a pavlova. I’ve ever made any pavlova. I’ve ever eaten cracks so, you can either leave this on here or you can do what I do is I take them out of the little cracks pieces and I save those for myself and I’ll snack on them top it with your whipped cream mmm. you can put as much or as little as you want really but I like to really pile it high don’t worry.I’m not gonna get rid of that so then take your berries you can use one kind of berries you can use a mixture of berries you can use a different kind of fruit Kiwi is really delicious on pavlova passion fruit is fantastic.I can’t find any passion fruit here but when I do then that’s what I use I use the pulp of the passion for and if it runs down that is totally a okay.

7I just spoon some of my jam an orange mixture on top okay that’s good for now now obviously you wouldn’t want to cut into a way before you bring it to your guests you know for dessert but I got to show you what the inside looks like it’s just I couldn’t be making any more noise today if I tried mmm look at that look at that meringue face that is just amazing holds together beautifully you can even see it right here see that holds together perfectly that’s soft whipped cream you don’t want a whipped cream super like whipped and becomes butter you want it to be nice soft peaks. you couldn’t get a more delicious pavlova.