Homemade Meatloaf Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook time: 1 hr 20 mins

I’m Gonna Show You How To Make An American Classic Delicious Old-Fashioned Amazing Meatloaf.


  • Finely Chopped Onion
  • Freshly Grated Parmigiano
  • Some Milk
  • Eggs
  • Some Chopped Parsley
  • Garlic
  • Worcester Sauce
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Some Good Amercian Ketchup
  • Some Brown Sugar
  • Granulated Onion
  • Dry Mustard
  • Granulated Garlic
  • Some Tomato
  • Little Bit Of Olive Oil


1You’ll need some ground beef and I’ll talk about this in a minute some finely chopped onion and garlic a soft roll freshly grated parmigiano. some milk, eggs, some chopped parsley, Worcester sauce, salt and pepper and for the glaze only some good ol American ketchup, some brown sugar, granulated onion some dry mustard, granulated garlic, paprika and some tomato paste that’s it it’s a little bit of olive oil. which is exactly what going to start with is the olive oil that’s in this little tiny pan I’ve got about a tablespoon of olive oil in there and I’m going to add my onion and garlic it’s not terribly high yeah.I don’t want this to really develop any color.I mean it can but the point of this is to sweat the veggies so that the onion isn’t sticking on big chunks throughout the meatloaf.I want to cook it our first piece of garlic all right well that’s happening get you oven preheated to 350 once that’s ready. you’ve got everything prepped you pretty much wearing a rock and roll now for the beef.I like using all sword line sirloin is very lean kind of meat so if,you are using chuck for this.

2I think it’s way too greasy and just too much fat runs out and I don’t get that sort of delicious you know moist meatloaf it’s just really heavy and dense and greasy so,I always ask my butcher to ground me up some sirloin he’s happy to do it if,you can’t find you know if,your butcher doesn’t do that and you go to a supermarket you buy the package ground beef just make sure you find one that’s 85 215 85% lean and 15% fat that’ll work just fine but I do suggest asking your butcher if,he refuses to then you to tell them that you’re gonna go look for a new butcher because you know you should be able to do that okay.I’m gonna just add a little tiny bit of salt to my onion.

3We’re going to take this roll this is a really soft room you could use a couple slices of like sandwich bread you know you can use a few slices of that about three to four slices and all do the job just fine but today.we’re going to just use a nice soft roll just going to cut it into pieces in this bowl that’s good you’re just looking to break those up into small pieces now.you’re going to pour your milk right over it this sounds odd and you could just use regular bread crumbs but.I tell you what this right here is what makes the meatloaf moist and tender and delicious.I feel like dried breadcrumbs to compact it too much making it too tough so this is a really good sort of easy step you can do that really adds a lot of character and delicious deliciousness to meatloaf.

I’m just making sure that they’re all submerged or covered in milk and I’m just going to let these let this sit aside for a few minutes so that.I can get nice and soft and delicious and I do the same thing with my like Italian meatballs operate on him because my grandmom does the same thing she’s put a little bit of milk and then I didn’t really help tenderize the meat so she doesn’t you know long term in it so set that aside I’m just going to watch my onion and garlic wait for that to get come to the right consistency or texture that should be a few more minutes and then we’ll be ready to put the whole thing together my onion and garlic cooked for about seven minutes.you’re just looking for them to be translucent and then softened so that they don’t have that roll sort of garlic and onion bite so those are calling for just a few minutes so,let’s get comment into everything else shall we in this big bowl got a little crumb from the bread.

5I’m gonna put in my milk-soaked bread which as you can tell it’s soaked it all up beautifully and it’s super soft.I’m just going to mash it a little bit with my spatula that’s fine enough now the idea here is to mix everything together before you add the meat so that you’re working the meat for as little as possible so that you don’t compact it too much and work it too much because again who wants a tough and dry meatloaf that’s the whole point it’s what people don’t like meatloaf so that definitely helps keep it nice and moist crack up your eggs put them right in here then.I’ve got a good amount of some chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley 1/4 cup this is a really sort of basic recipe.I make me loads in a thousand different ways but this is really the classic my husband absolutely loves it.

6I don’t think he likes anything more than just next day when it’s leftover meatloaf a sandwich he digs that all right so some prime macdonald eggs parsley the bread soaked in milk a dash of Worcestershire sauce Worcestershire however you pronounce it you say potato.I say potato salt and pepper and I’m on black pepper.I like black pepper and some salt all righty. I’m actually just going to switch to my fork to combine all of this together and then.I’m going to add in my onion mush this is going to have a time a ton a ton of flavor so and that’s the goal here is to give the meatloaf good flavor so,I’ll get it all me at this point you can mix until your heart drop so whatever you whatever the saying is because you’re not going to overwork anything so time to add in your beef.

7I’m going to start it with my fork and then.I’m going to switch to my hands you know what I’m over the fork that’s been about 2.5 seconds all right but before we do that you want to make sure you have a baking sheet with some sort of rack on top of it this is just a broiler pan so you see all the fat can drain and that way your meat loop isn’t sitting in its own sort of drippings which I don’t like if,you don’t have a boiler pan you can always take a baking sheet like a plain old baking sheet and a cooling rack on top of it and it serves the same purpose do there you go so mix your meatloaf well but just mix until everything is well combined again you don’t want to mix this too too much all right that looks well enough just going to take it now.I’m going to set this right here this makes quite a bit as.

8I said there’s nothing better than a meatloaf sandwich trust me it’s pretty darn delightful all right shape this into a nice loaf you want to be a couple inches high that’s about a couple inches.I’d say and about I would say four inches wide all right that looks lovely.I’m going to wash up set this aside for a few minutes and then we’ll get going onto making the glaze now to make the glaze it’s super super simple and easy you’re going to start with some plain old ketchup.I know this sounds odd and certainly not what I would top in a town meatloaf with but for a traditional classic American me look.I think my husband go ahead right over to divorce court if,it didn’t have a brown sugar ketchup lays on top just onion all right now today I’m gonna add in some brown sugar and then you’ve got your paprika your garlic mustard onion flavor galore right in there then my special little touch.

9I like to add just a little bit of a tomato paste.I feel like the tomato paste just cuts the sweetness a bit and adding a little bit of body to it if,you don’t want to add it though leave it out it’s totally fine that’s good all righty let’s give this a good mix and that my friend is there super simple place doesn’t get a whole lot easier than that I got a good mixin you know what I’m gonna put some black pepper in there too yeah good amount of black pepper all righty okay now.I’m just gonna take half of this for now.I’m just going to use half that’ll do me just fine smear it
evenly over the top if a little bit falls on the sides that’s completely fine by me you just want to make sure the top is covered alright this looks gorgeous.I’m going to put this into the oven it’s been preheating at it’s been preheated at 350 and I’m going to put that in there. I’m going to leave it in there for 50 minutes and then.

10I’m going to show you what it looks like once it’s there and move on to the next and final step I meatloaf has been in the oven for 50 minutes and now I’m just going to pour over the remaining glaze now if this is way too much for you by all means just cut the glaze in half but I really like it alright so smear it well it looks great.I’m going to pop this back in for 20 more minutes and then let it cool a bit and we’ll get ready then we’ll be ready to get it sliced my meatloaf baked for another 20 minutes and I’ve let it cool for about 10 minutes almost 10 minutes just enough to handle it silent bird my mouth and also you want always want me to rest so that the juices can redistribute and don’t kind of fly as soon as you go and cut it all right let’s cut it into this baby oh yeah oh yes yes please.