Coconut Shrimp Recipe

Prepare time: 10 min
Cook: 20 min
Ready in: 30 min

Today We’re Going To Be Making Coconut Shrimp.


  • Today We’re Going To Be Making Coconut Shrimp.
  • Three Tablespoons Of All Purpose Flour
  • A Couple Eggs
  • Black Pepper
  • A Half Of A Teaspoon Of Salt
  • Some 1 Of 1620 Shrimp
  • 2 Maybe 3 Cups Of Vegetable Oil
  • Lime Juice
  • Habanero Pepper
  • Vegetable Oil


1I’ve got here I’ve got some coconut flakes and this is about a cup and a quarter of sweetened coconut flakes three tablespoons of all purpose flour I’ve got a couple eggs. here a lime I’m going to use maybe about half of a lime originally this sort of recipe asks for black pepper or you can use cayenne pepper but I usually like to do give it a Thailand kick I’ve got a habanero pepper here if you got a scotch bonnet pepper feel free to use that I’m just going to be using the flesh or the outside of that pepper no seeds whatsoever because you want more flavor than heat and I’m going to use half of that pepper now remember I said that’s totally up to you this is my way of doing things you can use fresh ground black pepper.

You’re probably going to need about a quarter teaspoon of that we’re going to need a half of a teaspoon of salt and the star of the show we’ve got here I’ve got some 1 of 1620 shrimp in the next little clip I’m going to show you guys how to prepare the shrimp red but this shrimp still has the shell on but it’s been deveined for me mix-a-lot makes a lot less work for myself and in the pot. Here I’ve got about 2 maybe 3 cups of vegetable oil which we are going to be using to fry up the coconut shrimp just going to quickly show you guys how to remove the sort of outside shell on the shrimp.

3All we’re going to do we’re going to peel it back all the way back until you get down to it a tail part is here so watch as you can see I’ve removed a sort of spiny sort of shell off the shrimp it’s already been deveined and this is it I’m going to leave the tail on there just for handling and for presentation purposes but that’s it guys you just want to go through there and do that and then we’re going to squeeze half that lime juice in here put some cool water and it rinse it out and drain it Pat it dry on a paper towel. So I’ve gone ahead and I’ve taken out all the shell off the shrimp.

I just mentioned to you guys I was going to leave the tail on there just going to show you guys one more step in the preparation of the shrimp which is to butterfly it to give it to help us keep its shape when frying as well as to give it a bigger surface for the coconut to add air to it so all you’re going to do is where the shrimp on the curve of the shrimp where it was already deveined I’m just going to take a paring knife here. I’m just going to cut away on there try not to go all the way through because you really want to keep keep it intact and that’s it that’s all.

We’re going to do so we have one butterfly shrimp here and we’re just going to do the rest of it it is a bit time-consuming but trust me on this one guys it will be worth it once you get your a couple of these coconut shrimp in your mouth there so here we go we’re going to butterfly the rest of these and then you’re going to go through the other steps in this bowl here I’ve got the two eggs the half of the habanero pepper as well as a salt remember guys I mentioned if you don’t want to use a habanero pepper you can use black pepper white pepper or even cayenne pepper maybe a good mix in here as well so I’ve got the eggs pepper salt.

I’m just going to toss in the flour into there and using my whisk I’m just going to whisk that into a batter with all the shrimp butterfly now that’s going to quickly show you how are we going to go about brining these and I’ve also prepared the batter with the eggs so the shrimp is all there I’ve set up a little station I’ve got my batter a nice smooth batter and to the left of that I’ve got a complete with all the coconut flakes. I’m sitting and ready so all we’re going to do is take a shrimp dip it nicely into the batter holding it by the tail.

7Move over to the shredded coconut and pot it in pack the shrimp in there and then if you notice on the far side there I have my chopping board lined with parchment paper and I’ve gone ahead and already made four of them there so to show you guys but this is basically the step here guys I’m just going to quickly grab one and show you how it’s done I’m just going to hold it open the butterfly dip it into the batter allow the excess batter to run off then I have it here in the coconut sprinkle with coconut.

8Give it a pot for it to stick for the coconut flakes to stick and there it is guys a battered shrimp with the coconut on it just set it aside and continue working this way you can have them all prepared because they’re going to cook very fast in the oil once we get that going so you want to have them all prepped so we’re all set up and ready to go now I’ve got the vegetable oil heating here on a medium-high heat to the left of that I’ve got all the shrimp that’s already been breaded and have the coconut on there on top of that there on the far side here I’ve got some paper towels as well as the tongs all ready to go cause.

9We’re going to drain these after and just want to show you guys something watch pass the stick that I have marinating there but on the far side here I’ve got the deep fryer but I didn’t opt to use a deep fryer today simply because with all the pieces of coconut that we have on here I just don’t want to mess up a hole would I be maybe a gallon of oil or how much oil that fits in that deep fryer so this is why I’m using a little bit of less oil in a pan here which I can toss out if you feel feel if you feel like using a deep fryer feel free to do so so I’m going to do is bring this up to temperature now.

10Then I’m going to add the shrimp to the hot oil if you guys notice there’s some coconut crumbs left back some flakes left back that’s cooking and this is why I said try not to use deep fryer it’s just going to ruin all that oil in the deep fryer but all we’re doing guys and I’ve already done a batch splitting them in gently into the hot oil I’m doing maybe about five at a time here I just want to curl the pan and we’re just going to allow it to cook for about a minute on one side and I’m going to turn it over cook it for another minute the whole idea.

11You’re going to notice a couple things guys the whole idea is to get a golden brown and crispy lettuce coconut flakes crisp up you’re going to take the moisture out of the coconut plates to the crisp up you will notice that it will curl with when when it starts cooking the more it cooks the Marchman of curl in if you want to prevent that from curling all you got to do is get a toothpick or something like this we’re only going to do is run it up the middle of it and that will help once you put it into the deep fryer notice I put the skewer or a toothpick or something all the way through it it’ll help it keep it straight shape so there we go guys the coconut shrimp is all done.