Homemade Tetrazzini Recipe

Prepare time: 10 mins
Cook: 45 mins
Ready in: 55 mins

I Want To Share With You My Recipe For Chicken Tetrazzini.


  • Common mushroom
  • Chopped Onions
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • White Cheddar
  • Salt
  • Little Bit Of Wine
  • Pepper
  • Unsalted Butter
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Frozen Peas
  • Some Cream Cheese
  • Linguine
  • Bread Crumbs



You’ll need for the recipe are some Common mushroom mushrooms that are sliced.I also have some chopped up onions down here some rotisserie chicken that.I just shredded some really good-quality white cheddar that I graded lots of garlic Italian seasoning parmigiano chicken stock a mixture of heavy cream and whole milk. I also have some cream cheese back here a little bit of wine salt and pepper unsalted butter. some all-purpose flour frozen peas. I’ve got some seasoned panko breadcrumbs any breadcrumbs will do and a little bit more parmesan or you can make the recipe using either spaghetti or linguine. I’m using linguine which I have sitting in the bag here waiting and you’re also going to need just a little bit more butter so,you’ll see it it’s quite a rich dish but honey when it’s worth it you do it and this is definitely worth it.I am going to do this in my Dutch oven because it’s a nice big pot I also have a big pot back there with some salted boiling water coming up to a boil that’s going to be to cook the linguine in first thing I want to do is get my butter in here and I want to melt the butter.


I want this to be completely melted.I’m impatient so that’s good enough.I’m going to add my mushrooms and my onions.I want to cook these for about seven to eight minutes.I want these to develop really good color and I have this over medium-high heat.I’m not going to solve this just yet because if, I were to solve this right now I would draw out all the moisture from the mushrooms and then we’ll get cuts quite soggy and liquidy what I want is for these develop some color so, I’m just going to just keep sauteing and stirring for about seven to eight minutes.I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there okay these look amazing I’m gonna hit him with a little bit of salt and now.I’m gonna deglaze the pan because you see there’s a lot of goodness stuck in the bottom of the pan with a little bit of white wine if,you don’t want to use wine don’t just use a little more chicken stock that’s all you can see.


I’m scraping the sides of the pan and that’s just releasing all those beautiful you know it’s all that flavor that’s stuck in the bottom of the pans all being released which is perfect I wanted this to just a bubble for a couple of minutes not even really about a minute or so,I’m gonna add my garlic now that I should have added it before the wine but it’s okay all ends up in the same place anyway let that cook for about thirty seconds so it gets rid of any of that raw garlic flavor adding flour and this is going to immediately kind of start to thicken everything up and this is going to be the thick nerd that keeps the sauce a really beautiful consistency just give it a stir for about thirty seconds you want to make sure that you no longer see any bits of raw flour that’s kind of when you know that you’ve incorporated it well that looks about right.


We’re now going to add in my remaining liquid so,I’ve got my chicken stock okay dude and then.I’ve got my mixture of whole milk and heavy cream now this is going to come to a boil I’m also going to add my Italian seasoning gonna sneak it in there this is going to come to a boil.I’m going to reduce it down to a medium you know medium heat and let it reduce I would say for about seven to eight minutes or until it’s thickened really nicely in the meantime what I’m going to do is I’m going to cook.which I’ll bring over.I’m gonna cook my linguine what I’m gonna do and this is something you’ll hardly ever see me do especially if it’s not if it’s just in a sauce.I’m gonna cut the linguine in half because it makes it so that it makes eating and serving a lot easier so I’m just going to cut them whole thing the whole bunch and like so add them to my salted boiling water cook them for about seven minutes.


I want them about two minutes shy of being completely cooked rinse them under cold water to stop them from cooking any further and drain them really well and then I’ll meet you back here with a cook linguine the thickened sauce and then we’ll pretty much pull the whole thing off together and get it into the oven okay this thickened up absolutely perfectly.I’m going to hit it with a little bit of more salt pepper I did give this a taste for seasoning I did think.I needed a little bit more salt but keep in mind that you should always taste it because it totally depends on how salty your chicken stock is and everything else so miss mimic my mouth water I also have my oven preheated to 375 at this point what.