Blueberry Pancakes Recipe

Prepare time: 5 min
Cook: 5 min
Ready in: 15 min

Today, we’re going to make blueberry pancakes recipe.


  • 130 Grams Of White Flour
  • Thirty Grams Of Granulated White Sugar
  • One Teaspoon Of Baking Powder
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Of Baking Soda
  • Quarter Teaspoon Of Salt
  • One Large Egg.
  • 40 grams Of Butter
  • 240 Milliliters Of Buttermilk
  • Add Lemon Juice
  • Blueberries


1We’ll start with the dry ingredients so in a large bowl put one cup that’s 130 grams of all-purpose white flour and the flour provides the structure for these pancakes and then we’re going to add to that two tablespoons thirty grams of granulated white sugar and the sugar not only adds sweetness to the pancakes but it also adds moisture and helps with the browning and then we’re going to add one teaspoon of baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. and that will provide the leavening and makes a nice light and airy pancake and then a quarter teaspoon of salt and salt just brings out all the flavors in the pancake so just with a wire whisk or spatula just whisk this together blend all the ingredients you don’t want any lumps ER yep and that’s it for the dry and then for the wet in a separate bowl and try to have all your wet ingredients at room temperature first I’m going to put in a bowl one large egg.

2I’m just going to whisk that now the egg will not only bind all the ingredients together but it also gives flavor and also helps with the Browning of the pancakes and then we’re going to add three tablespoons that’s 40 grams of butter that has been melted and then cooled and of course butter adds flavor but it also moisture and tenderness to the pancakes and then finally we’re going to add one cup that’s 240 milliliters of buttermilk. now you can buy commercially made buttermilk or you can make your own by just taking one cup or regular milk and adding a tablespoon of either lemon juice or a white flavorless vinegar and just leave that for ten minutes or the other choice is to just buy this buttermilk powder and just store it in the fridge and then you can make pancakes whenever you want it’s a good choice so just mix those together and that’s done and then just make a well in the center.

3Your dry ingredients and then just pour your wet right into the center now we want nice tender pancakes so the trick is of course not to mix this too much because you don’t want a lot of gluten formation so I’m going to use a rubber spatula or you could use a wooden spoon and I’m just going to gently mix this together just until everything’s all incorporated and a few lumps is fine now essentially this is the same recipe as the buttermilk pancake recipe on the site the only difference is we’re going to add blueberries but I am NOT going to fold the blueberries into the batter because if you fold the man the problem is then you can’t regulate how many blueberries each pancake gets so what we’re going to do is add them once they’re on in our pan so that’s that it’s done now to cook your pancakes I have an electric griddle if you have one of these set it to and you have a temperature gauge set it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit that’s 180 degrees Celsius but you can just do them on your stove either a skillet or a fry pan try to have a flat heavy frying pan you don’t want it warped and then you’re uneven cooking and set your frying pan to medium medium-high heat and then you no your pan is hot enough.

4When you take some water just drop it on your pan and it’ll kind of sputter that’s when you know it’s done so just kind of you might have to play with the temperature a little bit to get it right so then you can either spray it with a nonstick cooking spray which I’m doing here which of course cuts down on the fat or you could just lightly brush the your pan with some melted butter either with a pastry brush or paper towel or you could just use oil Alette flavorless oil and then I’m using a ladle now your or you could just put this batter in a like a large measuring cup and you could just pour it and of course you can make your pancakes as big or small. you give the pancake enough room to spread you don’t want them kind of you know how sometimes they kind of butt up together and then just spread this little because this this buttermilk I’m using is really thick and of course buttermilk gives you a nice Tang plus it makes things really tender so you will notice if you make the regular pancakes on the site that you use milk you will notice this is a much thicker batter because of the buttermilk now once they’ve stopped spreading which they have now down I’m taking blueberries now I’m using frozen and you’re just kind of you could use fresh and I’m not I did not fall these blueberries I like these little small wild blueberries.

5You can see all the blueberries now when you put them on your platter or plate don’t stack them because when you stack then the bottom ones get all soggy which isn’t what we want now if you you can serve these straight away or you could put them in a hundred and seventy-five degree Fahrenheit that’s about it eighty degrees Celsius oven just put them right on the rack and they’ll stay that way 15 20 minutes and that one’s done and then just carry on and I spray again if you do find you have you have blueberries that you could all wipe that off with a paper towel gently and spray and then continue on just give your batter a stir in between it’s kind of thickens up and again just put it on and kind of wait till it finishes spreading and then and of course pancakes are always good with butter and maple syrup or some people just like them with a little powdered sugar this will give you about eight four inch that’s about ten centimeter pancakes.