Pancake Mini Muffins Recipe

Prep in: 15 mins
Cook in: 15 mins
Ready in: 30 mins
Today,I’m Gonna Make Pancake Mini Muffins..


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Salt
  • Egg
  • Baking Poeder
  • Baking Soda
  • Buttermilk
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Fresh Blueberries
  • Lemaon Zest
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Vanilla Extract



Let’s get started I’m gonna show you the ingredients all need very basic ones you’re going to start with some all-purpose flour,granulated sugar baking powder baking soda and salt. I’ve got some buttermilk.I’ve got some unsalted butter that I’ve melted an egg and then I’ve got some fresh blueberries and I mixed with some lemon zest and some semi-sweet chocolate chips here and I also have a little bit of vanilla extract these are going to be my topping because these are my favorite favorite you know toppings on or in a pancake so, that’s what I’m going to do today and I’m gonna do some plain as well I’ve got my oven preheated to 400 I have a mini muffin tin that.


I spread with a little bit of butter you could use unsalted butter and or just to spray whatever you got you just don’t want these to stick and it’s just question of making pancake batter it’s so easy the good thing is they look like muffins but when you bite into them it’s a pancake so, oh I think it’s cool enough. I’m not cool okay this is what I got work with me laugh with me okay I’ve got an artist this is the only way I can look cool so, I’m just going to take a fork and mix together my dry ingredients make sure that your flour is not all lumpy so if, you have to sift it go ahead and do that I’m going to add my butter and my egg along with some vanilla extract to my buttermilk if,you don’t have buttermilk on hand and you certainly don’t want to just buy a big card for a little bit that you’re going to need here just use whole milk with just a splash of lemon juice like a teaspoon of lemon juice or a teaspoon of like white vinegar it’ll give you the same effect.I’m going to add just a splash of vanilla extract and I’m going to just whisk together whoa buddy whisk them together briefly then I’m going to pour my dry my white into my dry.


I like to mix this around.I do like one scoop and a half you want these about a little less than three-quarters are the way full maybe about two-thirds but just take your time my other one my medium ice-cream scoop is upstairs. I won’t even lie that I just don’t feel like going upstairs and get named when this one works just as well a little bit double the work in terms of scooping and all but I therapeutic my muffin tin is all filled. I just want to show you that this will make about 26 to 27 mini ones but I don’t want to take out another pan just for a couple so,what I’m going to do the Cooke Street.I’m going to cook that one for myself on the skillet buddy a little pancake in the after don’t tell me you don’t make yourself pancakes in the afternoon.I just won’t believe it I just will not believe it now you can put anything you want in these and you can have your own flavored pancakes. I like to think of these as like a buffet you know you do a couple different kinds you can double or triple or quadruple the batter to serve a ton of people.


I’m just going to take some chocolate chips and some lemon blueberries and I’m going to do I’m going to do a few I’m going to do two roads at the chocolate chips two roads at the blueberries and I’m going to do two rows at our plane so that way everyone has been thought of you see I like all kinds pancakes. I’m not prejudiced against what kind of pancake you feed me if,it is fluffy if it is delicious if it is soft tender and slightly sweet I’m all for it but I do like options and I do love me buffet so more pancake flavored the happier. I’ll be get on side just gonna carry along here with my silly self nearly there okay, I’m gonna pop these in the oven and have my oven preheated to 400 and they’re only going to be in there for about eight to ten minutes or so maybe like 11 minutes but keep your eye on them don’t walk away because it will cook very very quickly you just want them to be lightly puffed and golden brown and then we are ready to serve up so get yourself some maple syrup nice and warm and ready for Duncan.