Best Baked Alaska Recipe

Ready in: 25 mins

Today we’re making Baked Alaska.


  • Meringue
  • Egg whites
  • Cream of tartar
  • Sugar
  • Cookie
  • Cake stand
  • Ice cream


1The most important thing are these egg whites right here. They’ve been stood at room temperature. it’s really important to have room-temperature egg whites. we’re going to also add in with them this is some cream of tartar. okay we’re going to tip that into about two teaspoons of that that helps to stiffen the whites will gradually add our sugar in just a minute but let’s get this one going.

2All rightly oh you can see by the way it’s cleaning on there it’s time to add in our sugar what we’re going to do is actually add it in gradually. okay so I’m just going to do it about a quarter at a time. so in goes our first batch. straight back down and we whip away.

3It’s got the shape of the whisk cool. Right then let’s put that meringue to one side so with a baked Alaska traditionally you have it on like a cake sponge. you might make a cake or flan something like that. I wanted to make this so simple that went to a supermarket and bought a cookie okay.

4ISo standard sized cookie sit on my cake stand rock rock rock rock DJ cookie in the house DJ cookie what we’re going to do well I hope this is going to work. The base of an ice cream ten and journeys if you use that brand Ken and Jenny’s. It should hopefully fit that perfectly on there and we need to act fast before the ice cream melts. we can smother it in the meringue and completely Alaska mission sounds quite James Bondish.

5So hopefully this will work we all work packing right now. it’s going to sit on our cookie. Okay let’s do this we’re going to get the ice cream from the freezer already taken out of its Ken and Jenny’s packaging. it’s like a little sand castle right. I’m just going to get my meringue on top.

6We need to make sure that every single smidgen of our ice cream including the base gets completely covered in our meringue. Maybe just to get off those loose edges if you’re not sure just a little bit of kitchen towel.

7Let’s freeze it first so this extra freezer step is actually optional. it’s just for me when I’m filming in here under the heat of the lights. it would have melted by now right mate.