Breakfast Pita Bread Pizza Recipe

Ready in: 17 mins

We gonna make breakfast pita bread pizza recipe.


  • Spinach
  • Eggs
  • Pita Bread
  • Basil
  • Cheese
  • Red Chili Flakes
  • Oregano


1I just got some spinach a couple of eggs no bacon in this one though it’s a vegetarian one except for the eggs and the cheese if it wasn’t for those two things are to be vegan. we’re gonna do is also stick depending on how big your pita bread. I’ve got some basil pesto here some Gregor’s brand of course I wouldn’t use any other brand so we’ll sprinkle some of that on or spread it because I’m not sprinkling am i I’m spreading which one will I use I’ll do it on this one because it’s not flatter and I’ll make a nice pesto pizza with this one I reckon that would taste awesome who else thinks that tastes awesome if you do let me know down below hey Chuck during dinner with tastes awesome whoa we screaming with enjoyment okay he knows how good it would taste okay cuz I what’s next chase that’s right grab the cheese now use some good ol wholesome Gregor’s mozzarella except I don’t have mozzarella I’ve got cheddar if you got mozzarella great if you don’t just use cheddar they’re all the same aren’t they well not really but we will sprinkle the cheese on whichever one you choose to use over now I’ve got some red chili flakes.

2I will add some chili flakes onto the tops I having put the pesto on I’m adding oregano oregano . we’ve got some spinach we’re doing now is we’ll create a nest that the egg will fit in nicely hopefully because of a dozen then this recipes going to somewhere where it probably shouldn’t be going so that looks like a mess doesn’t it here we go now just grab our eggs now I think for this you should probably leave them out of the fridge overnight or something. I was into raw eggs which I have been I would just eat that as is so nice and gently there we go right so where’s my thing so now we just need to transfer this back into the oven you want to stick it in the middle of the oven if not even a bit further up on the tray so the reuler can like start hitting all those eggs and what the object is is to get those yeah the yolk yolk what we want the whites white miss Wang Danian let that grill or broiler do its job and we’ll leave that and should take about 6-7 minutes.

3Which one’s got the pesto well how about I try this one well he go how good’s that look mmm-hmm you didn’t cut it up before it would have still looked also anyway let’s give this one a go mm-hmm mmm that eggy goodness hmm supplying one tastes all right I didn’t put too much chili on Oh some pharmacy it’s gonna put some parmesan on just a sprinkle mm-hmm I knew I forget something anyway this one’s got the pesto Juana let’s try the pesto pizza let’s go hmm the subtle hint of pesto the creaminess of that cheese the parmesan that I forgot to put on the first.